Personal Counseling

Personal Guidance

The Saint Francis Guidance counselors are available to offer support and guidance as appropriate and to develop a supportive relationship with students. Students have a right to privacy and confidentiality. At Saint Francis High School we understand that a counseling relationship requires an atmosphere of trust and confidence between student and counselor. The professional responsibility of the school counselor is to fully respect the right of privacy of those with whom they enter counseling relationships. The counselor may compromise this confidentiality when the health and safety of the student and/or other persons are in imminent danger. If an issue arises that seems to need more help than the counselor can provide, referrals will be made to appropriate licensed professionals in the community.

Personal Counseling Resources at Saint Francis High School


Saint Francis High School Guidance and Counseling staff offers a Grief Support Group that meets twice a month called Daybreak. For information contact Sally Leitch, Kim Oden or Sherrie Tasnady in the Counseling Center.

Substance Abuse Education

As a Catholic coeducational high school and a Holy Cross school, Saint Francis High School respects and promotes the dignity and worth of each human being. The use and abuse of alcohol and drugs is incompatible with our mission and philosophy. Saint Francis High School expects students to avoid any use, involvement, or possession of alcohol and drugs. The Guidance and Counseling Department will refer any student who initiates help on their own to Brother Sam Robin, CCS, a guidance counselor who specializes in drug and alcohol counseling.

Community of Concern

Saint Francis High School is a satellite of the Northern California Community of Concern whose mission is to support member school communities in the prevention of the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs by our students. To this end, the NCCC provides an environment in which member schools share resources, work collaboratively, and develop partnerships in the areas of Parent/Staff Education, Peer Helping, and Curriculum Development.