Library Guidelines

Please remember that the library has been designated as a quiet study area during school hours. Groups needing to work together may go in the Group Study Room. The Commons downstairs is a great place to chat and hangout.

  • The library staff is here to help, please ask if you need assistance!
  • Be respectful of library property, library staff and your fellow students at all times.
    • Only plain water is allowed in the library. All other food or drink must be in closed containers and kept in your backpack. Chewing gum is not allowed. It is a two-hour referral for eating or drinking in the library.
    • Recycle plastic bottles and paper in the recycle bins.
    • Push your chair in when you leave. If you move a chair to a different table, put it back before you go.
    • Be mindful of blocking the walkways with beanbag chairs or desk chairs. Sitting on the floor is not allowed. One student per beanbag chair only.
    • You are responsible for keeping track of all of your belongings, including your iPad, textbooks, planner, etc. The Library Lost & Found is behind the desk. If your name is on the lost item, we will try to contact you.
    • No cell phones or pagers. Texting after school is allowed. Please go outside to talk on the phone.
    • You may use earphones to listen to music or audio that fits the school mission and philosophy. Earphones are also available for checkout at the desk.
    • All library materials taken out of the library must be checked out.
    • Return library materials and/or pay fines in a timely manner. Referrals are given, after several notices, for failure to return items or pay fines. SENIORS, your books must be returned and your IOUs and fines must be paid before graduation, or your graduation tickets will be held.
    • Do not tear pages out of magazines or books (if you need magazine pictures, ask. We do have some magazines for cutting.)
  • The Group Study Room is available for group work.
  • No game playing or internet socializing during the school day including collaboration and lunch. Chess sets, checkers and playing cards can be checked out for use after school.
  • After school, the dress code is relaxed, but it is not appropriate to be in the library in sports bras, halter-tops, tank tops or sweaty gym attire.

During collaboration and lunch, you must study or work quietly on a school project or homework to stay in the library. You are expected to respect the needs of your fellow students and help maintain an environment conducive to studying. Referrals are given for disruptive or disrespectful behavior.

If you are unable to study quietly during this time, please choose to go elsewhere. The cafeteria, most classrooms and the computer lab in Room 507 are all open. Students who cannot be quiet will be asked to leave the library for the rest of the collaboration period. Please also remember the other library rules during collaboration.

Printing and Photocopying
Students may use the printers to print out two copies of any documents related to class work. There are printers for the iPad, as well as the PCs and Macs. There is no color printer available in the library.

If you need to print more than two copies of anything, use the photocopy machine for the additional copies. The copier is available for student use – 10 cents per copy. You must bring a teacher’s note if you are copying for a teacher at “no charge.”

Computer Use
All students must follow the Acceptable Use Policy for Technology and Electronic Devices as well as for Acceptable Use of SFNet, General Computers and iPads as covered in the behavior regulations section of the Student-Parent Handbook (pages 31 – 32).

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