Music and Arts Resources

The Lancer Library Subject Resources: Music and Arts


Special Note - To access the databases from home, see the librarians for the list of usernames and passwords.

Biography Resource Center (Gale) contains biographies of all famous musicians, actors, playwrights and artists.

Reference Books

The library has The Encyclopedia of World Art, R 703 En1, and The Book of Art, a Pictorial Encyclopedia, R 709 B63, in the reference section. The library also maintains an extensive collection of reference books about artists that contain excellent color pictures of their work. These books may be borrowed overnight. Additionally, Grove’s Dictionary of Music and Musicians may be found at R 780.3 N42. Other reference books on music and film are also in the 700’s. Drama for students, R 809.2 D79, analyzes and criticizes plays.

Circulating Books

The library has circulating books on artists, art styles and art techniques. Check the catalog for the subjects you are interested in. Most of these books are in the 700’s. Copies of individual plays are also available as well as critiques of plays and playwrights. Check the catalog to find these.

Remember, you can also find books at your local public libraries after all our books are checked out! Lastly, if you are having trouble finding information, what should you do? Ask us for help! Ask any of the librarians for help finding information or for citing your sources so you can avoid the dreaded PLAGIARISM!