Religious Studies Resources

The Lancer Library Subject Resources: Religious Studies: Saints and Well-known People in Church History

Reference Books

  • Butlers Lives of the Saints. R 920 B97. Probably more than you wanted to know about Saints, both well-known and obscure.
  • Encyclopedia of World Biography. R 920 E. Most of the people you need will have at least a short article in this. Well-known Saints are included.
  • New Catholic Encyclopedia. R 031 N42e. Includes many of the people you need. Well-known people and Saints are in any standard encyclopedia. (Standard encyclopedias are in the R 031’s.)
  • American National Biography. R920.073 Am3. The Americans you need will be in this set.

Circulating Books

Look in the 920’s for books on several Saints. Many well-known saints will be found here. There are also some on several well-known people.

Biography section – located under the windows facing the quad. Look alphabetically by the name of the person, or use the computerized book catalog and look up a person by name. Biographies are available on almost all the well-known Saints and many well-known people. Some people will also be found in the history section (900’s.) For instance, Sir Thomas More is in books on English history.

Using the Internet 

From the library’s reference sources and sites webpage, click on the Saints & Angels (Catholic Online) link under the Religion heading, then click on Saints Index, and look for the saint you are interested in. Or, use any large search engine, such as AltaVista, and enter any name.

Many open Internet sites are available. Search by the person’s name, or try going to Catholic Information Network.

Be careful when using the open Internet, as some sites are not reliable. Remember anybody can put anything on the Web. It is a good idea to check the bottom of a site to look for the author. Most have a links to check their credentials.


Special Note - To access the Databases from home, see the librarians for the list of usernames and passwords.

Use the Galenet Database or the Proquest Database for current magazine articles about well-known people.

Access the Student Resource Center - Gold by going through Galenet.

Remember, you can also find books at your local public libraries after all our books are checked out! Lastly, if you are having trouble finding information, what should you do? Ask us for help! Ask any of the librarians for help finding information or for citing your sources so you can avoid the dreaded PLAGIARISM!