Graduation Outcomes & Requirements

Graduation Outcomes

Saint Francis students become Holy Cross men and women who are uniquely prepared for college, service and leadership. Holy Cross men and women are people of integrity who discover their God-given talents, respect others, celebrate family and bring hope.

Upon completion of high school, each Saint Francis student is expected to be:

  1. A person of faith who imparts Christian values and promotes Holy Cross traditions.
  2. A conscientious learner who is dedicated to academic achievement and lifelong learning.
  3. A well-rounded citizen who is committed to personal growth and social development.

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from Saint Francis High School, a student must successfully complete a minimum of 230 semester credits. Included within the 230 credits are the following required subjects:

Course Credits / Hours
Religious Studies 40 semester credits
English 40 semester credits
Social Studies 35 semester credits
Mathematics 30 semester credits
Science 30 semester credits
Foreign Language 20 semester credits
PE and Health 10 semester credits
Visual and Performing Arts 10 semester credits
Computer Literacy demonstrated competency
Community service 50 directed hours