Academic Program Policies

Attendance Policies

Enrichment classes including Middle School Camps, The Freshman Experience Classes and the SAT classes do not have an attendance requirement. If a child is going to miss a day of one of these classes the parent must call them in by 9:00 AM and the student must bring a written note from their parent/guardian on the day they return to class, or email one to

Students taking high school classes for credit may only miss one (1) day of class and must pass the final exam.  3 tardies of a 30 minutes or less constitute an absence.  Final exams are given on the last day of each session and will not be rescheduled to accommodate absences; final exams will not be administered early.

Students and parents are expected to comply with all school rules as a condition of enrollment. Students failing to comply are liable for dismissal. Rules and expectations will be explained during the orientation for each session.

Summer at Saint Francis
Attendance & Behavior Expectations

Summer School Attendance Policies

General Summer School Attendance Procedures

  • When a student is absent, a parent or guardian must call the school before 9 a.m. on the first morning of the absence.
  • A student may not leave campus for any reason without specific approval through the Summer School Office.
  • Parents will be called when a student is absent, tardy or cuts a class.

Absence Policies
Middle School Camps & The Freshman Experience students should not miss more than one class for the middle school camps or two days of class for The Freshman Experience. If a long-tern absence is expected, please contact the summer school office as soon as possible.

High School
students intending to receive credit for a class may not miss more than one (1) day of a semester course.

The tardy policy applies to all summer at Saint Francis students. Students who are not in their seats when the class begins are considered tardy for that class. Tardy students must report directly to the Summer School Office for a late slip. No tardy student will be admitted to class without an attendance slip. Saint Francis High School considers three (3) tardies per class to be excessive. After 30 minutes into class, the missed time is recorded as an absence, not a tardy. Excessive tardiness may result in dismissal from Summer at Saint Francis without credit or refund.

Cutting Class
Absence from one class period without a valid reason is considered a disciplinary violation. Excessive cutting may result in dismissal from Summer at Saint Francis without credit or refund.

Behavior Expectations and Policies

Classroom conduct
In the classroom, students are expected to participate in all academic activities and not to disrupt the learning process. Students must follow additional classroom rules that are given by their teachers. In addition, the following should be observed:

  • Students should be prepared for class with the proper books and materials.
  • Students are to be attentive to their teachers and do all assigned work. Students should not be working on other materials during class.
  • Students should not call out, push desks, pass notes, throw objects, make noises, or distract others in any way.
  • St. Francis takes pride in their campus. Students should keep the areas around their desks and lockers clean and should dispose all papers properly.

Computer Use
 Unauthorized programs or computers: Students may not use copy, delete, or install any program on a school computer, use a floppy disc or save any executable program without the permission of school personal. Students may not use laptop computers without prior permission from the Technology Director.

Any costs, charges, liabilities or damage by misuse of the computers are the individual students responsibility. Any consequences of service interruption or changes, or the invasion of privacy of anyone’s information on the network, will lead to disciplinary action. Such action can include suspension and/or dismissal from St. Francis High School.

Damaging School Property
Any student who damages school property by misuse or negligence will be held responsible for replacing the item or reimbursing the school. Disciplinary action may also result.

Dress Code
The summer dress code is relaxed, but student attire should be moderate and in good taste. The administration and the faculty will monitor student compliance with the code. On the first offense, a warning will be given. The second offense will result in detention. On or after the third offense, students who violate the dress code may be sent home, given an absence, and will not be allowed to make up missed work.

  • General appearance: Clothing must be neat, clean, modest, and in good taste at all times. Clothing with inappropriate words, graphics, or symbols is prohibited.
  • Pants and Shorts: Jeans and shorts are permitted for boys and girls. Shorts should be no shorter than mid-thigh. Sweat pants are ok, as are athletic shorts (i.e. basketball shorts).
  • Shirts, Tops, and Blouses: T-shirts are permitted for boys and girls. Not acceptable: tank tops, halter-tops, crop-tops, and form-fitting or low-cut tops of any kind.
  • Skirts and Dresses: Skirts and dresses should be mid-thigh. If a dress is sleeveless, a cardigan sweater or sweatshirt must be worn while on campus at all times.
  • Shoes: Flip-flops are acceptable, along with any other type of tennis shoe.

Serious Offences
Disrespect or Harassment: There are some forms of gross disrespect so grave that they can be classified as intolerant behavior or harassment, even if they only occur once. Incidents involving this type of behavior may result in dismissal. Such actions would include:

  • Distributing or posting, on campus or off, in person or by mail, any written materials, tapes or other forms of communication demeaning of any group or individual.
  • Sending letters, making telephone calls, passing notes or communicating racists, insulting or intolerant messages in any way whatsoever.
  • Defacing the property of another, or school property, with any form of racists, intolerant, humiliating or insulting language, symbols, drawings or pictures.
  • Demeaning others with intent to ridicule, intimidate, humiliate or cause fear through verbal, physical ridicule contact.
  • Sexual harassment defined as any unwanted or unwelcome sexual behavior that makes a person feel uncomfortable or interferes with a person’s school day or school related activity.
  • Disrespect, intolerant behavior or harassment of any Saint Francis employee on or off campus including their residence.

Tobacco and Smoking: The Smoking, chewing or possession of tobacco related paraphernalia is prohibited at school and all school sponsored events. A student possessing or using tobacco will be suspended for the school day and repeated violations may result in dismissal.

Substance Abuse: Any student who is found to have used or be in primary possession of alcohol or illegal drugs, or is found to have been involved in a drug or alcohol situation, should the student be on or off campus, is subject to a disciplinary penalty and dismissal from Summer at Saint Francis without credit or refund.

Illegal Substances: The sale or distribution of illegal drugs by any student or any student that facilitates this transaction will result in dismissal. St. Francis High School reserves the right to contact the police agencies when a student is found to have used, been in possession of, sold, or distributed any illegal substances. The school reserves the right to conduct searches and or seizures for the purpose of enforcing this rule. Such seizures shall include, but are not limited to searches of any student belongings or items in the possession of a student, any locker or any vehicle located on school property or at any school related activity.


The attendance, disciplinary regulations, procedures and penalties articulated in this document are to be considered guidelines only. The school reserves the exclusive right to modify or otherwise depart from these guidelines when necessary to further or to protect the underline philosophy or mission of the school. The school reserves the right to investigate and discipline any student conducts that the school believes, in its sole discretion, to be contrary to the mission and philosophy of the school.



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    This is required for all high school students - both SFHS and non-SFHS students.

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