Middle School Camps

Morning Camps $400 per session

8:30 a.m. - 12:00 noon

Session 1: June 16 – 27
Session 2: June 30 – July 11 (July 4 holiday)

Recently revamped and with new curriculum, our Middle School Camps offer 6th, 7th and 8th graders an enriching and exciting way to spend the summer. Campers will make new friends, get a feel for our school and campus, meet Saint Francis teachers and have fun while strengthening their academic and artistic skills. Students enroll in one program per session. The curriculum is hands on, project based and engaging.

Note that sessions 1 and 2 listed below for both our morning and afternoon classes repeat; please do not sign your child up for both sessions.

Exploratory Language Arts: Session 2

Whether they are tackling a mystery short story, or penning their own narrative, campers will read and discuss fun and exciting works of literature while developing their creative and expository writing skills. Special focus is given to studying the elements of the short story, character development, literary devices, the building of vocabulary and the strengthening of writing and reading comprehension skills.

Ceramics: Session 2

Ceramics is an introductory level camp that focuses on clay exploration. Students will learn core clay building methods, including pinch, slab and throwing on the wheel. Each camper will leave the summer workshop with multiple projects and an appreciation and understanding of basic artistic principles.

Integrated Math, Science and Computers: Session 1 & 2

Future engineers, scientists, and math-lovers will participate in this innovative, hands-on, project based camp. Students will learn the physics required to launch rockets, learn the basics of webpage construction and hone pre-geometry and pre-algebra skills via engaging and collaborative math curriculum.

Musical Theater: Session 1

Actors, singers and dancers will flourish in a high-energy environment with our renowned drama director and current Saint Francis students. After a week of exploring different theatre mediums and perfecting their performance skills, camp culminates with a showcase performance and reception, open to all friends and family members.

Mock Trial & Debate Camp: Session 1

Students will explore introductory skills to be applied to both Mock Trial and Debate. The two-week camp will be split into two weekly sessions, one focusing on mock trial, and the other on debate.

Afternoon Activities $220 per session

12:45 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.

Session 1: June 16 – 27
Session 2: June 30– July 11 (July 4 holiday)

Weekly Pre-paid Lunch Service

12:00 noon – 12:45 p.m.
$35 per week, except $28 week of June 30
Students may also bring their own lunch.
There is no vegetarian option, and lunch options do include beef.

Advanced Argumentation and Debate (4 week camp)

This class serves as an introduction to debate at the high school level. Students will learn the basics of value debate in the Lincoln-Douglas format and limited prep formats. Unlike our other afternoon classes, his is a 4 week camp and runs from June 17-July 12, $440. This camp is restricted to rising 8th and 9th graders.

Fine Arts: Session 1& 2

Fine arts is a basic exploration of art and design. Students will learn how to use the elements and principles of art to create aesthetically pleasing work.They will explore many techniques and methods of the art making process, and will do so through the use of mediums such as oil pastels, color pencils, paint and acrylic medium. This class helps students explore and develop artistic thinking while stimulating and encouraging creative thought.

High School Entrance Exam Prep: Session 1 & 2

This class prepares students for the high school entrance exam for Catholic high schools (HSPT). Students learn what to expect on the exam, review the material covered on the exam, and discover and how to apply testing strategies during the exam.

Photography: Session 1 & 2

Digital Photography will cover the basic principles of photography and explain the three building blocks of light, time and subject. Students will explore the many artistic choices you make when you take a photograph. They will learn about cameras, lenses and filters, and finally, how to bring the photograph into Photoshop, enhance it, prepare it for printing, and print it.

Writing Workshop: Session 1 & 2

This course is focused on expository and creative writing. Utilizing literary excerpts, students will hone their grammar skills, perfect the paragraph structure, and develop their thesis and essay writing expertise. The creative projects will inspire imagination and encourage self-expression. Editing and revising will be stressed as integral parts of the writing process. Students will have time to work in class, but minimal amounts of homework may be required.

Contact Information

Summer at Saint Francis:
email: summer@sfhs.com
650 968-1213, ext. 446

Academic Programs:
Kelly Walsh
Summer School Principal
email: summer@sfhs.com

Sports Camps:
Chris Volta
Athletic Summer Programs Director
email: chrisvolta@sfhs.com