Science and Technology Clubs


  • Research @ SF Club

    The Research @ SF Club was established to support student research opportunities like internships and camps, to encourage participation in science competitions and to invite guest speakers to talk about their fields of expertise.

  • Science Bowl

    Students in the Science Bowl are geared to compete specifically in the annual US Department of Energy Science Bowl held at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC).

  • Lancer Live Sports Broadcasting Club

    Lancer Live is a live performance club that streams sporting events via the internet. Students involved in this club will have the oportunity to work on several crews during our events, which include: camera crew, broadcasting crew and announcers. All students are encouraged to work on all crews, but may select one or more in which they feel comfortable. Also, there is a graphics arts component to the club where students design the graphics that are viewed during our productions. This includes our logos, scoreboards, messages and any video work done that will be broadcast (such as credits and interviews).

  • Robotics

    The Robotics club is a project-oriented program. Students will have competitions throughout the year with assignments that are designed to teach different concepts.

  • Science & Engineering

    The Science and Engineering Club is for all who enjoy working with their hands to build fun and innovative machines. We use the principals of physics and engineering to design and construct our original ideas.

  • Radio Station

    The most exclusive radio station in the area is KSFH 87.9 FM on the dial, and is located here on the SF campus. Members help with broadcasting, programming, and technical operation of this station.

  • Photography

    The Photography Club offers students the chance to explore the art of photography. Students may join regardless of their level of experience.

  • Audio/Visual Club

    This club sets up and runs sound, lighting and technology for all school events such as rallies, masses, assemblies and concerts.

  • Console Gaming Club

    The Console Gaming Club is dedicated to providing a fun and competitive environment for video game enthusiasts. The club meets weekly and plays a variety of xbox, wii, and Playstation 2 games. Popular choices at the moment include Dance Dance Revolution and Super Smash Brothers. All games are family friendly and provide a great way for students to participate in their school community.