Welcome Class of 2016

Welcome to Saint Francis High School! As you look forward to the start of the school year in August we hope this page provides answers to any questions that come up over the summer.

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Important Information for the Class of 2016

Freshman Physical Exam & Immunization Records - Due July 1, 2012.

Schedule a physical exam and have your health provider complete the Physical Evaluation Form and Immunization Record Form. These forms are available for download on the right. Physical exam and immunization records must be delivered or mailed to Saint Francis by July 1, 2012. Forms considered late on July 5, 2012.

* The Public Health Department has notified us that students with incomplete health records may not attend school. This is California State Law.
* All physicals must be given after August 1, 2011.
* You must sign the physical exam form.
* When providing the dates, it is necessary to give month, day and year for each dose. Four injections of DPT and at least three of polio are required. The Tdap booster is also required of all students entering 7th – 12th grade.
* State law requires that all students must have a second Measles/Mumps/Rubella vaccine if first vaccine was given prior to the first birthday.
* All students entering Saint Francis High School from outside Santa Clara County must receive a TB skin test called a mantoux that requires a follow up reading and signature. This test must be given after March 1, 2012.
* If a child has not been immunized against a disease, such as Measles, because the child has had that disease, then a blood test must be provided to show that adequate immunity is present. A doctor’s note is insufficient.
* All students entering California are required to receive the Varicella Vaccine (chicken pox) – 1 or 2 doses depending on the date given.

First Tuition Payment - Due July 5, 2012

Submit first tuition payment to Smart Tuition by July 5, 2012.

Look for a welcome letter from Smart Tuition in mid-June that will contain details about how the program works, confirmation of your selected payment method and log-in information for your online account access.

If you have any questions please contact Smart Tuition at 888 868-8828 or parents@smarttuition.com.

Please note: the Saint Francis Business Office is no longer accepting tuition checks. Checks must be submitted to Smart Tuition by the 5th of each month.

Online Book Purchasing begins July 11, 2012

Online book purchasing begins July 11, 2012. Before your child is cleared to purchase textbooks, the following must be received:

* Online forms completed
* Freshman physical exam and immunization records received - Due July 1.
* First tuition payment - Due July 5.

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