Selection Criteria

Saint Francis High School, sponsored by the Brothers of Holy Cross, admits students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin. The school does not discriminate based on disability if the student is otherwise qualified and can, with reasonable accommodations, meet the graduation requirements of the school.


In order to be considered for admission to Saint Francis High School, a student must have fulfilled the following prerequisites:

  1. Successful completion of grade 7 and the first semester of grade 8.
  2. Proficient scores on the High School Placement Test that indicate potential for successful transition to our college preparatory curriculum.
  3. Positive recommendation from the current school the student attends, as determined on the student transcript.
  4. Positive recommendation from an interview held with the student.
  5. Applicants who fall below the prerequisites but have the potential for success, may be admitted on probation if resources are available to serve their needs.