Holy Cross Service Program

The Holy Cross Service Program is a graduation requirement that encourages the development of our student’s social conscience by placing them in direct contact with various populations of people in need. Empowering students to bring hope to others, they will work with people who are developmentally disabled, small children, elderly and economically poor. This broad exposure helps clarify our students’ unique gifts, talents and interests. All service must be completed away from the Saint Francis Campus.

The goals of the Holy Cross Christian Service Project Graduation Requirement are based on the philosophy of Saint Francis High School: "The school is committed to building a just society within the world community in which service to others is practiced by all." Service is not an option it is an obligation we have as Christians and as members of the human family. The Holy Cross Christian Service requirement is designed to encourage our students to be active participants of the Family of Holy Cross.

The service requirement is designed to achieve the following goals:

  • To give each student the opportunity to reflect on the message of Jesus Christ in relation to serving others.
  • To provide the opportunity for each student to experience a variety of types of service with a variety of disadvantaged people in order to clarify each student’s particular gifts and talents.
  • To emphasize to parents and students the importance Saint Francis High School places on service to people who are in some way disadvantaged, by requiring a specific number of hours of service for graduation.
  • To give the students the opportunity to reflect on their experience of service as it affects their lives.
  • To provide an opportunity for students to develop skills in working with people that will help them in future career planning.

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