Due Dates & Late Policies

Students must complete their service hours before these dates. In order to receive credit for completed service, the student must submit hours online, turn in verification of the hours along with some official document from the agency where the student worked. The verification may be turned in as soon as the service is completed - any time BEFORE the due date.

Holy Cross Christian Service Program Due Dates


Jan. 31, 2014


Feb. 14, 2014


Feb. 28, 2014


Mar. 14, 2014

As of October 2006, the following are the procedures regarding incomplete Holy Cross Christian Service Projects   (i.e. service is done, but verification form is not turned in/service is not completed/ some service has been done, but does not fulfill the school requirement/student has done no service).

If students have not completed their Holy Cross Christian Service Projects by the due date:  Campus Ministry will meet with the student and give him/her a letter outlining the penalties for late service. This letter must be signed by parent and student and returned to Campus Ministry within 2 days of receipt.

Policies for Incomplete Service Hours

First Level Penalties

  • Incomplete hours will be doubled (i.e. if the student has completed four hours out of ten – the six incomplete hours are doubled to 12 hours).  
  • In addition, all students with incomplete Holy Cross Christian Service Projects will serve three hours of detention
  • The student will have ten days, from the date of the meeting in Campus Ministry, to finish the doubled hours.

Second Level Penalties

  • Students still incomplete after the tenth day delinquent period will be suspended from school for one day.
  • In addition:
    • Seniors must complete 20 hours with economically poor before final exams in order to graduate.
    • Freshman, sophomores and juniors must finish the doubled incomplete hours before the 1st day of final exams.

Third Level Penalties

  • Freshman, sophomores and juniors who fail to complete their hours by the first day of finals will automatically be enrolled in the Campus Ministry summer service program at a cost of $100.
  • All hours will be doubled (i.e. 10 = 20, 15 = 30) and must be done with the core group (i.e. freshman with developmentally disabled, sophomores with children etc)
  • All hours must be completed by the last day of Summer School in order to return to Saint Francis in the fall semester.
  • The student will be assigned a two-page reflection paper and a meeting will be scheduled with the student and a Campus Ministry representative before the student returns to school.