Student Requirements

All service hours fulfilling the graduation requirement will be with one target community. The goal of this change is to enhance a students service experience by providing them with more continuity. This may also provide consistency for the organizations in the community where our students serve.

  • All Service must be conducted at community, school or church agencies or organizations that place the student in direct contact, working with people in need.
  • Working to serve friends, family or neighbors does not meet the graduation requirements set forth by Saint Francis High School.
  • Students will not be excused during the school day to complete service.
  • All service must be conducted away from the school campus.

The Holy Cross Service Program is a Saint Francis High School graduation requirement. As such, we must verify completion of the required hours for every student. The following guidelines are used for the verification process

  • Students are required to enter their service records into the online service verification system. The system provides students visibility of their hours at any time.
  • Verification of completed service is turned into Campus Ministry on the completed "Holy Cross Christian Service Verification Form."
  • All forms must be accompanied by a business card or official document from the agency or organization - this cannot be a printout from the website. A leter from the agency or organization where the student worked is also acceptable. If this is missing, the verification is not complete and credit is not given.
  • Service hours may be completed during the summer prior to the current school year.
  • Service timetable is June 1st thru May 31st.
  • Students must call in advance for an appointment. Students must abide by the agency's rules or the student may be denied credit.

Senior Requirement

Required Hours: 10 hours of service working with economically poor

Junior Requirement

Required Hours: 15 hours working with elderly

Sophomore Requirement

Required Hours: 10 hours working with developmentally disabled people

Freshman Requirements

Required Hours: 15 hours teaching ministry with children pre-school through 8th grade