This course examines the fundamentals of computer science. Topics include fundamentals of programming, basic problem-solving techniques, simple graphical user interfaces and algorithms and general object-oriented software engineering using the Java programming language. This course guides students in exploring the fascinating world of computer programming through working on a variety of individual and team projects. This course fulfills the first year provision of a two-year preparation for the College Board's Advanced Placement Computer Science exam.

    This course continues to explore the fundamentals of program design and data structures in computer science. Topics include algorithm analysis, abstract data structures, algorithm complexity, binary trees and other advanced software development and problem-solving techniques. This is the second year course of the two-year program preparing students for the College Board’s Advanced Placement Computer Science AB test, which is given in May.

  • 8126 GRAPHIC ARTS - Full Year
    This course will explore the field of graphic arts. Students will cover both the elements of art (color, line, texture, shape, form and space) and the principles of art (balance, emphasis, harmony, variety, gradation, movement, rhythm and proportion). The principles and elements of art are the foundations used in establishing knowledge, confidence and understanding of all art fields. Student projects will cover art fundamentals, color theory, still life compositions using basic digital photography, digital video and sound and web page design. This course will teach the necessary skills of computer operations and terminology to allow the students to use their artistic abilities, with the aid of the computer, in both the educational and business worlds. No previous art experience necessary.

    This course will enable students who have taken Graphic Arts to explore further the field of digital photography as a compositional medium. The class will focus on the principles of photography and the basic concepts of image enhancement using Adobe Photoshop; those being visualizing, capturing, enhancing and output. This course is designed to familiarize students with photographic equipment as well as to develop their aesthetic sense and artistic techniques.

  • 8226 ADVANCED GRAPHIC ARTS - Semester
    Course Content: This course will enable students who have taken Graphic Arts to explore further the field of multimedia publications. Students who have studied both the elements of art and the principles of design will combine this knowledge for use in advanced projects. This will be a project driven course with advanced student projects covering photography composition using digital photography, video and sound, used in both full video and stop animation short stories, and/or advanced webpage design using Flash. This course will allow the students to expand their artistic abilities, with the aid of the computer.