Magazine Drive


The Annual Saint Francis Magazine Drive is a student-driven fund-raiser that provides funds for school programs.

The Magazine Drive is operated in conjunction with QSP Inc. and the Catholic Digest School Plan. This program is designed to afford students, family, relatives and friends the opportunity to renew their current subscriptions or order new subscriptions for themselves or as gifts for others. The school receives a portion of each sale and each student is asked to sell a minimum of five subscriptions. We will be sending home for your inspection and orders, a complete listing of nationally known publications. Students will receive this packet in their homerooms at the beginning of the school year.

Student Incentives

  • Free Day: If the school reaches its sales quota based on five sales per student, the entire school will receive a day off in March.
  • Individual Prizes: Students can earn individual prizes based on their number of sales. The more orders sold, the more students can win. Prizes include cash, Prom Bids, a chance for a trip to Hawaii and more. See the back of this flyer for a complete listing.
  • For every order you sell you can earn one (1) prize coin for each order turned into your homeroom teacher on collection days.
  • There is no limit to the number of orders or number of prize coins you can earn. Double and triple prize coin days will be announced. Payment must be received with the order form to count toward an order.

First Two Collection Days Bonus

  • Any student turning in 7 or more subscriptions on these 2 collection days will receive a “Spin on the Prize Wheel” in addition to their prize coins.
  • The Prize Wheel guarantees all contestants a CASH PRIZE from $5 to $100.
  • Get one spin for every 7 orders you turn in. Examples: 14 subscriptions = 2 spins. 21 subscriptions = 3 spins, etc.

Exchange prize coins for prizes

  • 4 coins - candy
  • 6 coins - candy bar upgrade
  • 8 coins - red vine licorice tray
  • 14 coins - $5 Togo’s sandwich gift certif´╗┐icate
  • 20 coins - “get out of 1 hour detention” card
  • 25 coins - In & Out Burger certificate
  • 30 coins - CD gift certificate
  • 50 coins - $25 cash
  • 90 coins - $50 cash
Reminder: no combining prize coins with friends or you will lose all your coins!

Top Seller Awards

  • Spin Days: Turn in 7 orders and receive a spin on the “prize wheel” for cash prizes.
  • The Raffle: Your name goes into the raffle for every 12 subscription orders you turn in on a Collection Day. Super odds to win: 24 orders=2 entries!! Raffle Prizes include a trip to Hawaii (5 days & 4 nights in April), personal electronics and concert tickets.
  • Top salesperson at the end of the Mag Drive wins $200 cash plus six entries in the raffle!
  • Top 3 salespeople of each collection day win a free CD certificate!
  • The top 3 classes win a pizza lunch!
  • Juniors and Seniors: sell $500 worth of paid subscriptions and get one (1) free Junior Prom or Senior Ball bid!
  • Top 2 freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors in total verified sales receive $50 each (excludes Top Overall Salesperson)!

Ordering Options

Order and pay using your credit card online here. Please enter the school code 2591550 or search for St Francis in Mountain View, CA.

Students must bring printed copy of the online or email confirmation of sales to homeroom on collection days to receive credit toward their quota and sales incentive awards.

Paper Order Forms
Fill out the order forms provided in the packets and turn them in to homeroom accompanied by checks made payable to Saint Francis High School on the collection days. Payment in full must be received with the order forms for students to receive credit toward their quota and sales incentive awards.

Magazine Drive Calendar

Wednesday 8 27

Thrive Drive Collection Day

Friday 8 29

Thrive Drive Prize Day

Wednesday 9 3

Thrive Drive Collection Day

Friday 9 5

Thrive Drive Prize Day

Tuesday 9 9

Thrive Drive Collection Day

Thursday 9 11

Thrive Drive Prize Day

Friday 9 19

Thrive Drive Prize Day

Friday 2 13

Possible Thrive Drive Free Day

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