500 families receive meals because of Food Drive

Posted November 20

Members of the school community made sure that many local families will be able to enjoy their own Thanksgiving meal this week, as students and staff donated more than $20,000 for the Food Drive.

Mark Busbin, moderator of the Service Club, called this the most successful Food Drive in the school’s history.

“We even have some money left over to help during Christmas,” He said. “I would like to thank all the homeroom teachers who motivated their students to give.”

The Service Club uses the donations to purchase canned goods at wholesale prices, and more than 100 students stayed after school recently to help pack these cans into 500 food boxes for families. Service Club board members were extremely happy to see so many of their peers give their time to a school tradition that has been going on strong for 40 years.

“It’s a Friday afternoon, and these students don’t have to be here,” senior Colin Glenday said. “But they want to be here, and there’s so much energy here. A lot of us are privileged to be here, and there are many others who don’t have the opportunities that we have. That’s why we want to make a difference in the community.”

Junior Paige Crowley commended everyone for making this Food Drive such a resounding success.

“Being able to provide a meal for others during Thanksgiving is just great. It’s our Holy Cross mission to help others,” she said.

The food boxes will be distributed to families by St. Vincent de Paul in Sunnyvale and Mountain View, Catholic Worker in Redwood City and three dialysis centers in Santa Clara County.

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