Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from Saint Francis High School ,a student must successfully complete a minimum of 230 semester periods of course work. Included within the 230 credits are the following required courses and credits:

Religious Studies40 semester periods *
English40 semester periods **
Mathematics30 semester periods
Social Studies35 semester periods ***
Science30 semester periods
Foreign Language20 semester periods
Physical Education and Health10 semester periods
Visual and Performing Arts10 semester periods
Computer Literacy @demonstrated competency
Community Service50 hours


* or five semester credits for each semester in attendance
** in a curriculum which specifically includes literature, oral and written composition.
*** including World History and Geography, U.S. History, U.S. Government, and Economics
@ The computer literacy requirement can be met by successfully completing the Saint Francis computer literacy course during summer school or the equivalent, or by demonstrating competency on an online computer literacy test. Beginning with the class of 2020, this is no longer a graduation requirement.

Community Service Program

The Saint Francis High School Holy Cross Service Program is a four-year graduation requirement. Freshmen are responsible for a minimum of 15 hours, sophomores 10 hours, juniors 15 hours, and seniors 10 hours of service. These hours are to be completed by the published due date. Students who have not completed their hours will not be allowed to return to Saint Francis or graduate. Students may complete service hours during the summer prior to their academic year (e.g. Current students can do their service in the summer before the school year begins).

Semester Period

The semester period is the unit of measurement for work done. Normally, a semester period of credit means the successful completion of a course requiring 85 minutes of class time every other day for a semester. The successful completion of a semester course would ordinarily earn a student five semester periods of credit.

Class Standing

A student’s class standing is determined by a combination of specific courses completed and the total number of semester periods of credit earned. Ordinarily at the end of the academic year, a freshman has completed a minimum of 60 semester periods of credit, a sophomore has completed a minimum of 120 semester periods of credit, and a junior has completed a minimum of 180 semester periods of credit. The course load for freshmen, sophomores and juniors is a minimum of six courses per semester with the option to enroll in seven courses. Seniors normally enroll in six courses, but may petition the Director of Academics to take five classes if they have a valid reason and parental consent.

Class Ranking

Saint Francis calculates a class ranking of students using the weighted GPA. Honors classes and Advanced Placement classes are given an additional point in the ranking process. Ranking is used for internal purposes only and will not appear on the student’s transcript.
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