Holy Cross Parent Education Program

Saint Francis High School is proud to be a Catholic, Holy Cross community of students, parents and educators. We understand that parents are the primary educators of their children, and we are pleased to partner with our parent community to affirm the school's mission and philosophy and to work together to ensure that all of our students reach their highest potential.

To support parents in their role as primary educators, the school works with the Men's and Women's Clubs to provide parenting information and tools. The program organizers seek speakers who address parents on topics reflective of the school’s annual BRIC themes (Bringing Hope, Respecting Ourselves and Others, Integrity of Heart and Mind, and Celebrating Family) while also providing parents with practical tips and tools to help our students navigate today’s challenging world. Holy Cross parent education events mirror the student programs, but the speakers also provide support in navigating the world of social media, dealing with teen issues and addressing the stress of the college application process.

Each year, the school coordinates with the parent clubs to bring two to three speakers to campus. Rarely do these speakers return for a second visit, so we have created a list of past speakers along with a brief profile and a link to their work as a resource for parents. Each speaker brings a unique expertise that reflects the school’s Holy Cross mission and philosophy.


  • William Damon: Helping Teens Find Their Path

    Dr. Damon, a professor at Stanford University, researches adolescent development and educational methods for promoting character. He is the author of the book “The Path to Purpose.”

  • Barb Dehn and Br. Sam Robin, C.S.C.: Sex, Drugs and Healthy Teens

    Ms. Dehn is a nurse practitioner and a television personality who specializes in women’s health issues. Br. Sam Robin, C.S.C., is a member of the Campus Ministry team at Saint Francis who specializes in drug and alcohol counseling.

  • Brad Henning: Building Positive Relationships

    Mr. Henning is a national speaker who regularly addresses students on relationships, gender differences and the meaning of love. He addressed the student body in 2011.

  • Ana Homayoun: How Boys Learn

    Ms. Homayoun is a 1997 graduate of Saint Francis and is a nationally recognized authority on organization and time management strategies for junior high and high school students. She is the author of the book “That Crumpled Paper Was Due Last Week.”

  • Marsha Howard: Building integrity in our children and families

    Ms. Howard is a respected Bay Area educator who spoke on how parents can foster integrity in their children.

  • Steve Johnson and Father Tony Mancuso: Raising an Ethical Teen

    Steve Johnson, Director of Character Education at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

    Steve Johnson and Father Tony Mancuso direct the Ethics Camps for Catholic School Teachers and Principals at the Markkula center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University. Steve Johnson is the Director of Character Education at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at SCU. Mr. Johnson currently teaches at SCU in the Department of Education, and has been an elementary and high school teacher and principal at a variety of Catholic schools. Father Tony Mancuso serves as pastor of Saint John Vianney in East San Jose and continues to be chaplain of Saint Francis High School. He also teaches at SCU in the Graduate School of Counseling Psychology and Education. View their presentation

  • Mark Kolich: Media Education and Internet Safety

    Mr. Kolich is a 2001 graduate of Saint Francis and a software engineer and consultant.

  • Sonja Lyobomirksy: The How of Happiness: A Scientific Approach to Getting the Life You Want

    Dr. Lyobomirsky is a professor at the University of California, Riverside where she teaches courses in social psychology and positive psychology.

  • Margaret Miller: Respect in Social Networking and Social Networking In a Digital Media World

    Ms. Miller is the dean of students at Saint Francis.

  • Panel discussion: Race to Nowhere

    Parents, teachers, coaches and counselors led a discussion on the film “Race to Nowhere,” a movie that highlights the stresses that high school students face.

  • Denise Pope: Raising Healthy Kids in a High Pressure World

    Dr. Pope is the co-founder of Challenge Success, a project that aims to reduce unhealthy pressure on youth and champions a broader vision of youth success.

  • Michael Pritchard: Building Hope in Your Community

    Mr. Pritchard is a nationally acclaimed motivational speaker who is an expert in building character and emotional intelligence and motivating leadership in both youth and adults to improve schools and communities. Mr. Pritchard has addressed the students and parents at different events.

  • Michael Riera: Parenting in the Teenage Years

    Dr. Riera is a leading expert on teaching parents how to better understand teenagers.

  • Chris Stefanick: Abstinence

    Mr. Stefanick is a youth minister at the Archdiocese of Denver who speaks on teen relations and abstinence and how parents can have an open conversation with their teens.

  • Scott Vermeer: Safety and Going to College

    Chief Vermeer is chief of the Mountain View Police Department and currently teaches leadership and ethics.

Holy Cross Parent Education Events

Thursday 9 25

Men's and Women's Club Parent Education Night

Malcolm Center and Performing Arts Center
7:00 PM
Thursday 2 5

Men's and Women's Club Parent Education Night

Malcolm Center and Performing Arts Center
7:00 PM