Holy Cross Parent Program

The Holy Cross Parent Program is the parent component of our Catholic, Holy Cross family. Recognizing parents as the primary educators of their children in all areas but most especially in their faith, the school invites parents to become active members in the Holy Cross community. The principles of this program are the following:

  • Holy Cross Parents share a common experience that crosses all cultural, educational and economic barriers.
  • As members of the Saint Francis community, Holy Cross Parents partner with the school's Holy Cross Educators to uphold its mission and philosophy.
  • Parents work together to ensure students reach their highest potential.
  • As the primary educators of their children, Holy Cross Parents help their students become Holy Cross Men and Women who Bring hope, Respect others, Inspire integrity and Celebrate family.
  • As role models for their students, Holy Cross Parents are actively involved in the spiritual, intellectual and social activities of the school.
Parents are the first role models that their children have. Just as our mission is to help students grow spiritually, intellectually and socially, we work closely with the Men’s and Women’s Club to provide parallel programs specifically for parents throughout the year.  

Holy Cross Parent Events

Wednesday 4 30

Women's Club Celebration Dinner

6:30 PM
Thursday 5 15

President's Dinner