SafeHomes Program


Saint Francis High School SafeHomes Program

 In keeping with our school mission statement and in the interest of the well being of our students, the administration and parent groups have been actively involved in establishing guidelines for both parents and students regarding student parties.

We also intend to provide a base of support for all students and parents who are actively seeking a means to foster an environment which discourages the use of alcohol and other drugs.

In addition, we wish to encourage parental presence in our students’ lives. This involvement helps promote a wholesome social environment so our students develop into well-integrated, healthy, responsible adults. With such concerns in mind, a task force has developed guidelines printed on the back of this letter. We ask that you review and discuss these guidelines with your students.

Would it help you in communicating with your student if you and your student knew that the guidelines/limits you have established regarding safer gatherings are being followed by the families of their friends in the Saint Francis community?

If so, we ask that you assist us in encouraging safer gatherings for our students by completing the voluntary SafeHomes Contract and allowing us to publish a house icon next to your name in the school directory. This notation in the directory will provide an effective way for parents to network with each other during the year.

In order to prepare an inclusive directory, we ask that you review the SafeHomes guidelines complete the voluntary SafeHomes Contract. Those families who have submitted the contract will be noted in the school directory.

The leadership in our parent groups and our school administration considers this project a high priority. We appreciate your attention to this program. We look forward to working together as a community.