Women's Club Prayer Corner

  • New Year's Prayer

    Thank you Lord for letting us begin a new year.

    Give us insight into the possibilities ahead
    and the strength to accept the challenges before us.

    Open our eyes and hearts to the beauties of nature
    and the warmth of unexpected smiles.

    Help us find joy in everyday activities and
    freedom in truth as we struggle with questions

    Guide us in our journey to seek wisdom
    and learn to accept the peacefulness of our destiny.

    Assist us in honoring our relationships
    and marveling at the gifts of those around us.

    Help us remember the past, find wonder in the present,
    and hope in the future.

    Thank you Lord for letting us begin a new year.

    ~ Offered by Spirituality 2012, Rachel Bickerstaff

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  • Be Generous, Be Healthy

    To improve your outlook and maybe even your well-being, start giving. "Generous actions activate a part of the brain that is associated with feelings of joy, with hormones(linked to) feelings of compassion and calmness, and with slight elevations in immune strength," says Stephen Post, director of the Center for Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care, and Bioethics at Stony Brook University, in New York. Studies have shown that volunteering for even a few hours per week has a beneficial effect, and older adults who report high levels of volunteerism have been shown to live longer.”

    From Healthy Living, Marthastewart.com
    submitted by Cathy Avon

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