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Administration and Faculty E-mail    Ext    
Adams, Sylvan E-mail 611 Faculty
Anderson, Joy E-mail 616 Faculty
Arzate, Kim E-mail 638 Faculty
Bailey, John E-mail 651 Faculty
Battle, Dudley E-mail 655 Faculty
Bega, Alexandra E-mail 683 Educational
Technologist, Faculty
Blanc, Sofia E-mail 680 Faculty
Boesiger, Molly
E-mail 202 Faculty
Bostrom, Natalie
E-mail 204 Faculty
Bradford, Chris E-mail 615 Faculty
Butler, Lisa E-mail 658 Faculty
Calcagno, Greg E-mail 293  Alumni Director
Camacho, Hector E-mail 287  Counselor
Campagna, Marco E-mail 609 Faculty
Cannon, Baron E-mail 671 Faculty
Carroll, Don E-mail 666 Faculty
Carson, Jonah E-mail 618 Faculty
Carroll, Mary Jo E-mail 620 Faculty
Chavez, Salvador E-mail 279 Faculty
Chechelnitsky, Mike E-mail 600 Faculty
Chisam, Roberta E-mail 623 Faculty
Christensen, Len E-mail 624 Faculty
Ciampa, Olivia E-mail 665 Faculty
Collins, Peter E-mail 627 Faculty
Conley, Michael E-mail 250 Head of Guidance
and Counseling
Daniels, Patrick E-mail 626 Faculty
DeCarlo, Michael E-mail 654 Faculty 
Day, Kimberly E-mail 668 Faculty 
Delaney, William E-mail 215 Faculty 
Dennis, Doug E-mail 636 Faculty
Dinneen, Gary E-mail 631 Faculty
Duncan, James E-mail 634 Faculty
Durando, Margaret E-mail 691 Faculty
Elkins, Holly E-mail 294 Director of Institutional Advancement
Essary, Matt E-mail 693 Counselor, Faculty
Feizzadeh, Dona E-mail 223 Counselor
Fischer, Andrew E-mail 653 Faculty
Fischer, Katherine E-mail 226 Counselor
Flores, Hilda E-mail 606 Faculty
Foy, John E-mail 607 Faculty
Franco, Liz E-mail 278 Campus Ministry
Frankovic, Krista E-mail 239 Faculty, Campus Ministry
Fullerton, Ralph E-mail 277 Faculty
Gaeta, Salvador E-mail 675 Faculty
Garcia, Emmanuel
E-mail 645
Gustafson, Laurie E-mail 625 Staff
Hall, Leahi E-mail 270 Assistant Admissions Director
Shadow Program Coordinator
Hill, Ashley E-mail 690 Faculty
Hill, Dawn E-mail 637 Faculty
Houlihan, Tim E-mail 265 Director of Facilities
Huang, Wei-Li E-mail 613 Faculty
Ikezi, Chihiro E-mail 640 Faculty 
Ivers, Barry E-mail 644 Faculty
Johantgen, Tom E-mail 686 Faculty
Jorgenson, Carrie E-mail 268 Counseling
Kemp, Mike E-mail 647 Faculty
Kim, Fr. Steve E-mail 695 Faculty
Knochenhauer, Maggi E-mail 217 Director of Academics
Kunkel, Anthony E-mail 603 Faculty
Lane, Ann E-mail 285 Head Librarian
Lapke, Paul E-mail 681 Faculty
Lautenslager, Bob E-mail 652 Faculty
Leitch, Sally E-mail 251 Counselor
Lewis, Monelle E-mail 659 Faculty
Lincoln, Kathy E-mail 670 Faculty
Maguire, Matt E-mail 610 Educational Technologist, Faculty
Makley, Kevin E-mail 400 President
Mancuso, Fr. Anthony E-mail 605 Director of Campus Ministry, Chaplain 
Martin-Spencer, Laura E-mail 201 Faculty, Campus Ministry
Meulman, Todd E-mail 248 Director of Activites
Meyer, Daniel E-mail 641 Faculty
Miller, Clayton E-mail 601 Faculty
Miller, Kathryn E-mail 648 Faculty
Miller, Margaret E-mail 246 Dean of Students
Miranda-Mcintosh, Cinthya E-mail 628 Faculty
Mitchell-Carter, Danna E-mail 241 Faculty
Mitchell, Mike E-mail 656 Faculty
Moorhouse, Rosalyn E-mail 694 Faculty
Motil, Michael E-mail 247 Assistant Dean of Students
Mozart, Ashley E-mail 283 Counseling
Nassir, Annette E-mail 222 Counseling
Nessan, Myron E-mail 231 Director of Finance
Oakland, Mike E-mail 617 Faculty
O'Donnell, Terry E-mail 619 Faculty
O'Neill, Sean
E-mail 266
Faculty, Assistant Activities Director
Osorio, Dave E-mail 240 Faculty, Equipment Manager
Pasion, Evan E-mail 635 Faculty
Pasquinelli, Angela E-mail 612 Faculty
Pilawski, Michael E-mail 255 Director of Athletics
Pompei, Philip E-mail 676 Faculty
Pries, Karen E-mail 657 Faculty
Prietto, Vincent E-mail 639 Faculty
Quinn, Daniel E-mail 679 Faculty, Counselor
Raines, Simon E-mail 213 Director of Admissions
Ramirez, Alicia E-mail 685 Faculty
Reutebuch, Brendon E-mail 673 Faculty
Robin C.S.C., Sam E-mail 242  
Rose, Laura E-mail 663 Faculty
Rubin, Michael E-mail 667 Faculty
Safier, Rachel E-mail 674 Faculty
Saso, Michael E-mail 678 Faculty
Scharrenberg, Matt E-mail 649 Faculty
Segal, Linda E-mail 269 Faculty
Selden, Mark E-mail 684 Faculty
Shortal, Leslie E-mail 682 Faculty
Smith, Steve E-mail 669 Faculty
Speckman, Mike E-mail 267 Director of Endowment and Financial Aid Programs
Stapleton, Emily E-mail   699 Faculty
Steinke, Larry E-mail 229 Technology Director
Swank, Neal E-mail 629 Faculty
Tasnady, Sherrie E-mail 224 Counselor
Tennant, Patricia E-mail 410 Principal
Thomas, Jennifer E-mail 642 Faculty
Trollope, David E-mail 608 Faculty
Volta, Chris E-mail 650 Assistant Athletic Director
Wahl, Brian E-mail 689 Faculty
Walsh, Kelly E-mail 672 Faculty
Washington, Heather E-mail 661 Faculty
Wilson, Meighan E-mail 621 Faculty
Wun, Andrew E-mail 698 Faculty
Mei Yang E-mail
 285    Librarian

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Staff Position E-mail Ext
Aylsworth, Clare Business Office Clerk E-mail 234
Brown, Laneé President's Secretary
Corporate/Board Records Archivist
E-mail 258
Caampued, Alvin Assistant Director of Technology E-mail 260
Cauchi, Elisa Benefits Coordinator E-mail 230
Chenette, Maureen Academic Secretary E-mail 211
Christensen, Karen Assistant Librarian E-mail 614
Copple, Jim Facility Manager E-mail 256
DeFranco, Aurea Assistant Development Officer
Women's Club Moderator
E-mail 282
Densing, Toni Registrar
E-mail 214
Ferrari-Schach, Sandra Administrative Assistant to the Deans  E-mail  221
Frankovic, Krista

Holy Cross Service Program Coordinator 

E-mail 239
Gayoso, Christine Athletic Trainer E-mail 276
Gosalvez, Debbie Administrative Assistant to the Principal E-mail 218
Gray-Lee, Geoff Attendance Clerk E-mail 470
Hagg, Lana Administrative Assistant to the Director of Activities E-mail 244
Hendricks, Athena Admissions Secretary E-mail 212
Horiye, Lynn Campus Prefect E-mail 687
Joy, Gloria Development Office Secretary E-mail 261
Kendall, Jim Controller E-mail 289
King, Derek 
Assistant Librarian
E-mail 633
Klaus, Pam Administrative Assistant to the
Executive Director of Institutional Advancement
Lee, Hieu Facilities Office Clerk E-mail 245
Patane, Carol

Publications Director
Women's Club Advisor

E-mail 263
Reed, Joshua
Accounts Receivable Bookkeeper
Tuition Processing
E-mail 233
Ruebusch, Mary Ann Administrative Assistant to the
Director of Campus Ministry
E-mail 292
Teijeiro, Jennifer Administrative Assistant to the Director of Athletics E-mail 254
Terluin, Traci Accounts Payable Bookkeeper E-mail 232
Tjin, Michele Marketing and Communications Editor E-mail 259
Weber, Martha Guidance and Counseling Secretary E-mail 219
Wint, Winston Food Services Director E-mail 262

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Administrative Offices Ext Services Ext Parent Offices Ext
Academics 420 Attendance 470 Christmas At Our House 701
Activities 480 Band Room 241 Men's Club 293
Admissions 430 Community Service
292 Scrip Program 700
Alumni 293 Food Service 262 Women's Club 282
Athletics 455 Health Room 271    
Business Office 440 Lancer Locker 252    
Campus Ministry 485 Library 285    
Capital Campaign 294 Public Relations 294    
Dean's Office 475 Shadow Program
Institutional Advancement:
Communications and Development Initiatives
294 Trainer's Room
Facilities Office 450 Transcripts
Guidance & Counseling 445 Tuition
Holy Cross Achievers 634

Performing Arts Center  248        
President's Office 400        
Principal's Office 410        
Summer School 446        
Technology Services 229        


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