Textbook Information

  • Course Verification and Book List Availability

    MBS, our online bookstore, will be up and running July 9th. Final course verification lists will be available online starting July 9, 2014, along with the booklist. You can access the course and book lists provided your July tuition payment is current and all re-enrollment forms have been received.

    Please Note: If you submitted forms or tuition payment after July 5 there may be a delay in when you can access your course and book lists within two business days of when we receive payment.

  • 2014-2015 Book Purchases

    Saint Francis will continue our partnership with MBS Direct, one of the largest distributors of new and used books in the nation. MBS provides a service that makes the process of ordering textbooks easy, efficient and cost-effective. MBS will maintain a list of the course offerings and the books and materials for each course. MBS will also reference the ISBN number for each book.

    If a course does not require any books or the course is using an Apple iTextbook purchased through iTunes, an explanation corresponding to that course will be provided on the Saint Francis website. Some courses will provide additional book lists on the first day of class.

    With the exception of the Apple iBooks textbooks, students are welcome to purchase books from any vendor. Should you desire to use another vendor, please be careful to record the necessary textbook information, including isbn number, prior to contacting any other textbook vendor. When purchasing from Amazon we strongly encourage you to use the Shop for SF link from our main website.

  • When To Purchase Books

    Purchase textbooks as soon as possible. There is a special program where you will save on shipping costs if you order before July 23, 2014 from MBS. Additionally, your access to quality used books at a discount is based on a first-come, first-served basis. Finally, you must allow for adequate time for books to be delivered before school starts.

  • PE Clothing

    Lancer Locker now carries PE uniforms. The uniforms will be available on Registration Day.

  • Book Returns

    You have 30 days from the first day of school to return books for credit or refund. MBS will assume the freight if they had made a mistake by sending you the incorrect book. If you are returning a book because of a mistake made in ordering, the freight will have to be absorbed by the customer. Please review the Amazon and Apple websites for their respective return policies. Most digital content purchases cannot be returned so be sure you select the correct items when purchasing these resources.