Attendance Office

Attendance Procedures

Mr. Geoff Gray-Lee
Attendance Clerk
Attendance Hotline, 650-968-1213, ext. 470

School Day Absence

In the event of an absence:

  1. Call the School:
    A parent or guardian must call the Attendance Office before 9:00 a.m. everyday of an absence. A message can be left on the phone mail system of the Attendance Office by calling 650 968-1213, ext. 470.
  2. Bring in a Note:
    In addition to calling the school on the morning of the absence, the parent must send a note including the reason and date of absence with the student upon his/her return to school. The note must be brought to the Attendance Office. Failure to do so may result in the student being assigned a detention, and the absence declared “unexcused.”

Leaving School During the Day

Procedures: A student may not leave campus for any reason without specific approval through the Attendance Office. Saint Francis does not expect students to make medical or dental appointments during the school day.

Any student needing to leave campus for any reason will be cleared through the Attendance Office if the following procedures are followed.

  1. Required Note: Written requests must be brought to the Attendance Office before school begins that day. Notes for doctor’s appointments MUST include:
    1. Name of Doctor
    2. Phone number of Doctor
    3. Time of appointment
    4. Time to be excused from school
  2. Dismissal Pass: A student will be issued a pass that should be shown to the teacher when the student leaves. The student must check in through the Attendance Office and provide the appointment verification card upon returning to school. 

Additional Information

Additional information about homework for students who are ill or extended absences may be found in the 2014-2015 Student-Parent Handbook.