Lunch Account Program

MySchoolBucks Online Payment System 

August 1, 2014

Dear Parents & Student,

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that Saint Francis High School and Epicurean Group have partnered to implement a computerized debit system replacing the system previously used in the Cafe. This system will benefit you, your student, and the school in many ways. We hope that you and your student will consider taking advantage of the convenient options the system has to offer. The information in this letter will outline and hopefully answer questions concerning the new system.

However, if you still have questions, please feel free to call MySchoolBucks at 855.832.5226.

Similar to the prior system, MySchoolBucks will allow you to pay in advance for meals, snacks and beverages. MySchoolBucks will also offer the following new benefits:

  • Scheduled recurring payments
  • Automatic deposits when your child’s account balance runs low
  • Extended purchase history for the past 90 days
  • Low balance email notifications
  • E-wallet to save credit card information for future use
  • Mobile-friendly website

All enrolled students will have an established account to which you may add money on line or by check. If paying on line by credit card, you have the convenient feature of making an automatic payment when the account reaches a certain level of your choosing.

To prevent fraudulent use of student accounts, each register will provide a digital image of your student will on the monitor for the cashier to view every time your student accesses his or her account.

Money will be deducted from an account when the student uses the account to purchase something from the Lancer Café. The system will process your student’s meal order and will deduct the correct amount using predetermined menu pricing.

NEGATIVE BALANCES will not be permitted. Please be sure your student has money on their account at all times to ensure they are able to purchase their lunch etc.. You can ensure this by signing up for the automatic deposit feature to be employed.

The annual fee to enroll in MySchoolBucks is $10 per student per year. The fee can be paid online when you deposit your funds at or via a check dropped off at the school’s Business Office.

MySchoolBucks will be available for enrollment and deposits on August 1, 2014.

Advanced Payment Options

OPTION #1: CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS – You can only use credit card to load account at After you create your account you can add funds to your student’s account using your Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card or through an ACH/eCheck. A small handling fee of $2.50 is added to each payment with a deposit cap of $200 per transaction.

The cap of $200 is low, however MySchoolBucks has an auto replenish feature so that you will not have to keep logging in every couple of weeks to add funds. You can set your student’s account so that when it dips below a certain amount, (for example $30), MySchoolBucks will automatically charge your credit card to replenish the account. You can set the amount of the auto charge and when this will begin and when this feature is to be turned off. So you can tell the system to start in August and to stop replenishing in June. This auto replenishment feature works with a credit card only.

OPTION #2: CHECK PAYMENTS ONLY - If you do not have access to the internet or do not wish to use a credit card you may send a check to Epicurean Group for any dollar amount to be posted into the student’s account with no fee required. There is no cap to the amount of money you deposit by check.

SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO PAY BY CHECK, below is a form to be filled out and returned with your first deposit. If paying for more than one student with one payment, please note how much money is to be designated to each student otherwise the deposit amount will be divided equally between each sibling’s account.

You can mail check to Saint Francis High School, Attn: Epicurean Group, or drop it off at the Business Office. Checks dropped off before 9:30am will be available for student use that day. Money dropped off after 9:30am will be available in student accounts by the next day.

Please make sure the check has the student’s name and ID# and in an envelope addressed to: Epicurean Group.

OPTION #3: If you do not wish to have a MySchoolBucks declining balance account, the Lancer Café will still accept cash at the point-of-sale.

Thank you for your cooperation and your participation. We hope that you will be patient with us as we make the transition to the new system. We are very excited about this new system and hope you will take advantage of all of the convenient options. We look forward to the new school year. We are looking forward to serving the students and community with fresh, natural, and organic food to nourish the body and minds of your teen.

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Lunch Account Informational Letter 

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If you have questions regarding the lunch account program, please review the frequently asked questions page. For further information contact Winston Wint in the Lancer Cafe at 650 968-1213, ext. 262 or