Lunch Account Program FAQ

Why does Saint Francis use the lunch account program?

The lunch account program provides students with a convenient and secure way to make their food purchases on campus. The account program is safer than carrying cash, reduces the time students spend waiting in lines and provides parents the opportunity to monitor and control student spending habits.

Can my student use the account elsewhere on campus?

At this time, the account may only be used for purchases at Lancer Cafe. We may develop other options to process purchases at the Lancer Locker in the near future.

Will the cafeteria continue to accept cash payments?

While every family is encouraged to sign-up for the lunch account program, the Lancer Cafe will continue to accept cash. We will continue to evaluate the program to determine if any necessary adjustments should be made. Parents will be updated prior to enacting any changes to the program.

My student will get a PIN to authorize purchases. How will the PIN work?

The last five digits of your student’s Saint Francis student ID number will be his or her PIN. Students will enter their PIN every time they use their account to make a purchase. As an added security measure, the cashier’s screen will display a picture of the student associated with the entered PIN.

Personal information is being requested. How will it be used? It is secure?

When using the website to transfer funds or request information, you will be asked to provide certain personal information. The website offers 128-bit SSL encryption, which secures your personal and credit card information as it is transferred over the Internet.

We are committed to protecting your privacy. The information provided will be used exclusively to support the lunch account program. All information gathered for the use of opening and maintaining your student’s account is kept confidential and is not shared, sold or given to any third-party company for any reason.

May I place a daily spending limit on my student’s account?

No, a daily spending limit may not be set by a parent/guardian. You may set low balance reminders online at

Can my student purchase lunch for another student with their lunch account program?

Yes, but the charges will be deducted from your child’s account and will be identified by a “Meal for a friend” notation in the account activity.

Can I monitor my student’s cafeteria purchases?

Yes, parents/guardians may review their student’s purchases at There is no additional cost for this online feature. After logging into your “parent” account, you will be able to review up to 30 days of your student’s Transaction History.

What happens if the account has a zero balance? Can my student still receive lunch?

Due to the maintenance requirements of this feature, we are no longer providing families with the ability to fall below a zero balance. In the event of a student’s account reaching a zero balance, the system will decline service.

Parents/guardians and students are responsible for maintaining a positive account balance. For a nominal fee of $2.00 per transaction, accounts may be replenished online in real time with a credit card or via electronic bank transfer. The Business Office will also replenish accounts with a check or cash submitted to the Business Office at no additional fee.

There is an online feature that notifies parents when their student’s account reaches $10. Parents can adjust this feature or turn it off completely. The system will send emails warning the parent when the set balance limit is reached.

What happens when a student attempts to use another student’s PIN to make a purchase?

When a student enters his or her PIN, the student’s photo appears on the cashier’s screen to verify that the PIN belongs to that student. If the student enters a PIN associated with a different student he or she will be asked to re-enter the PIN. If the newly entered PIN continues to link to a different student, the cashier will refer the student to the lunch prefect on duty.

What happens if there is an unused balance on the account at the end of the year?

The balance of returning students will “roll forward” for the next year while excess funds for graduating and non-returning students will be returned upon request, transferred to a sibling, or donated to our Holy Cross Achievers Lunch Program to help feed Saint Francis students in the Financial Aid program.

Once I register my student for the program, will I need to re-enroll in the program next year?

You will need to re-enroll your student in the lunch account program every year. The program has a $20 annual fee. Saint Francis will contact parents when it is time to register the next year.

More Questions?

For further information contact Susan Culazzo in the business office at 650 968-1213, ext. 233 or

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