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Percussion Ensemble is a course for students interested in learning about and performing with Steel Drums. This class also utilizes a variety of ethnic percussion instruments as well as the drum-set. In this class students will learn basic principles in music theory, basic drumming skills, how to care for and play the steel drums and the evolution of various styles of music, including but not limited to, calypso, soca, swing, rock and reggae. Aspects of this class are performance based and students will be required to participate in at least two outside performances.

8160 BAND TECH (semester)

This course gives the beginning music student the opportunity to learn a wind or percussion instrument of his or her choice. Individual and group instruction is given daily. A limited number of school instruments are available for student use. The class will join with the Concert Band for the Christmas Concert and will participate with the Concert and Symphonic Band for marching season. Performance is required by all students who are enrolled in a band class. Band Tech students will transfer into Concert Band at the beginning of the second semester.

8161 CONCERT BAND 1 (Full Year)

Class instruction will emphasize improving sight-reading skills, study of music theory and music history, improving instrumental skills through technical training and exploring concert band literature. This group will perform independently at school concerts and band festivals. Concert Band will join with Symphonic Band for marching season. During the months of September through November the group will rehearse on Wednesdays from 6-8:30 PM as part of the Marching Band.

8261 SYMPHONIC BAND 2 (Full Year)

8361 SYMPHONIC BAND 3 (Full Year)

8461 SYMPHONIC BAND 4 (Full Year)

8561 SYMPHONIC BAND 5 (Full Year)

These courses offer the advanced music student the opportunity to perform in a top-level performing ensemble. Appreciation is gained through performance of a wide variety of musical literature. Instruction of music theory is continued. Participation outside of class will be required for some football and basketball games, extra rehearsals, a band festival, parades, rallies, concerts and one major extended trip each year. Academic credit is given for this class, which counts toward the overall GPA, and this class fulfills the activity requirement. Athletes participate in their sport during that season without penalty, as long as daily musical progress is made.,/

8261 SYMPHONIC BAND 2 (Full Year)

Mastery and performance of challenging band literature will be experienced by the year's end. Musical independence will be accomplished and demonstrated.

8361 SYMPHONIC BAND 3 (Full Year)

Section leader positions should be sought. Ensemble participation in outside concerts is encouraged.

8461 SYMPHONIC BAND 4 (Full Year)

Solo preparation necessary. Honor Band audition is encouraged. Leadership skills must be demonstrated. Emphasis is on performance and music composition.

8561 SYMPHONIC BAND 5 (Full Year)

Reserved for students who enter the SF band program at the freshman level with musical skills beyond the Concert Band curriculum and who need to be enrolled as freshmen in Symphonic Band 2. Students must prepare solo works and audition for the county and state Honor Bands. Symphonic Band 5 students will be section leaders in the band.

8061 JAZZ ENSEMBLE Special Class

This class will explore a broad repertoire of jazz styles as experienced in big band literature (i.e. swing, rock, Latin). Emphasis will be placed on improvisation and the study of great jazz performers of the past and present. This class meets 3 days per week during zero period (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:00 A.M.). The most advanced players will be chosen for this ensemble. Regular performances are scheduled and this group will tour once a year.

8191 STRING ENSEMBLE 1 (Full Year)

This course is designed for students to explore music through the study and playing of music designed for string orchestra. Focus on basic musical elements (notation, rhythm, meter harmony, etc.) as described in the National Standards of Music Education will be used in order to enhance the performance of small and large groups. Particular emphasis will be on playing within an ensemble while gaining historical and theoretical knowledge. Students will use their acquired skills in large group performances.

Band Director

Ms. Danna Mitchell
(650) 968-1213, ext. 241

News List

  • Sarah_Nishikawa_July_2013.jpg

    Drum major honors for Sarah Nishikawa

    Posted August 12

    Senior Sarah Nishikawa received All-American Drum Major honors from the national United Spirit Association, earning a trip to England where she will participate in the London New Year's Day Parade. Also, Sarah was one of three high school students at the Scott Reese Leadership Camp to receive the System+Spirit=Success (SSS) award.

  • Band Camp Information

    Posted May 11

    Band Camp Information Letter
    Band Camp Agreement Form

  • IMG_1293.JPG

    Renowned percussion ensemble performs

    Posted March 9

    The percussion ensemble from Humboldt State University, currently on tour, performed at Saint Francis, and the group treated students to a multicultural experience, playing high-energy contemporary and world music.

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