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Will my grades suffer if I play in the band? Hide

Absolutely not! With a little planning, band will not interfere with your academic pursuits. In fact, the bands at Saint Francis are very proud of the fact that many of the top students of the school, in every grade level, participate in the band.

Will I have time to be in the band? Hide

The Marching Band rehearses one night a week and plays at all home football and basketball games. There are a some Saturday rehearsals and participation in a few parades during the fall. The time commitment is minimal compared to the wealth of relationships and experience you'll receive in return.

Can I go out for a sports team and still be in the band? Hide

Band kids are involved in fall, winter and spring sports. Being in sports and in band is NOT A PROBLEM, in fact it's a good thing.

What if I don't play well enough to be in the band? Hide

Band students come in all shapes and sizes and with varying degrees of talent. We take everyone! Just come as you are and we will take care of the rest.

I'm coming from a music program that rocked! Will there be enough playing opportunities for me? Which band should I play in? Hide

Everyone has something to learn. You will not be bored, I guarantee it! Most freshmen are placed in our Concert Band however auditions for our advanced ensembles will take place towards the end of band camp. If you pass the audition and your schedule allows it, you may be placed in Symphonic Band. There will also be auditions for our Jazz Band in late September. We have numerous small groups such as our Jazz Combos, Christmas at Our House ensembles, brass choir, string ensemble, percussion ensemble etc....that are open to any and every musician in the department. Let's not forget our PIT Orchestra (for advance musicians only) and of course, our marching and pep- bands. Saint Francis has plenty of musical opportunities for you to take advantage of, so if your last program rocked... guess what, so do we!

What if I don't know anyone in band? Hide

Band is the best place in the world to make new friends. In fact, because we are a private Catholic school, most of our freshmen band members come into the band without knowing a single soul. After band camp, which happens before school starts, not only do they have over 80 new friends by the first day of school, but many of them remain friends throughout their entire four years at Saint Francis and sometimes, throughout their entire life.

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