Band Testimonials

Band changed my life. I had always defined myself in terms of sports, and I have continued with sports throughout high school. But it is Band that became my family, my home, my rock. Something to be proud of, something to demand the best from me, something that cared for me in difficult times (and high school is always difficult.) The friends that I have made and the things that I have learned in Band will be part of me forever.

SFHS Student, Class of 2007
Everyone should enjoy – at least once in her/his life – an experience which brings such amazing satisfaction, creative challenge, and lots of friends with which to share it...that it impacts her/his life for always. I believe SFHS Marching Band provides all of this and much more for our son. As a parent, I appreciate the warm, welcoming spirit among the band families, such that working at the various events has been both productive and truly fun. This is just the way it should be, many hands making light work, and the many hearts our children making beautiful music, all under the brilliant guidance of Ms. Danna Mitchell. Lisa Suguitan Melnick, Class of 2009 band parent
Saint Francis High School has a great Band Program designed to aid the young musician in his or her journey in the arena of ‘sharps and flats.’ Band has been a great experience for our son. Ms Mitchell has been a wonderful mentor tirelessly devout to her minions. Class of 2007 band parent
The Booster Club (consisting of parents of band members) gave me a chance to see my son in action (without him minding) as well as a chance to participate and contribute to many of the Band's activities, which I enjoyed and will cherish for the rest of my life. Ms. Mitchell goes beyond the call of duty to bring out the best in a student and is highly respected and loved both by them and their parents. Class of 2007 band parent
Saint Francis concerts are very moving. The musical pieces have such depth that I find myself thinking about those pieces long after the concert is over. Class of 2008 band parent
Band is one of the best ways for an SFHS student to connect in to the school from the very first moment. The SFHS band is a warm and welcoming group of people, active in the school community, and definitely generators of a huge amount of school spirit. In addition to the welcome that new bandsmen receive, they are immediately immersed in a program dedicated to pride in performance-- both in regular venues and some opportunities that most student musicians will never have, like playing at the Sydney Opera House. Do you suppose Ms. Mitchell would let me join? Linda Segal, class of 2008 band parent and faculty member
It has been fascinating to see universities as interested in my student's band experience as they are in test scores, community service, etc. And I can see why, as Band teaches personal responsibility, team work, and the importance of the pursuit of excellence. Class of 2007 band parent
What a thrill it is to watch the Band march onto the field at the start of every football game, and when they play the school song at the end, with the football team in front of them, it brings tears to my eyes. These things, and the extraordinary half time shows during the homecoming game, will be my lasting memories of Saint Francis High School. Class of 2008 band parent

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