Choir Course Information

In these choral singing classes students learn and perform a wide variety of choral literature, both sacred and secular. Included in the course objectives are learning proper techniques for singing, learning rhythm and sight-reading, and understanding a vocal musical score and the musical terminology needed to properly interpret dynamics and style. As this is a performance-based course, students will be evaluated on their participation, effort and attitude in class. Public performance of the works being rehearsed will include the winter and spring music concerts, as well as other opportunities such as participating at all-school liturgies and music festivals.

8171 TREBLE CHOIR (Full Year)

Entry level, no previous experience necessary. Requirements of this class are active class participation, learning performance basics of breathing and vocal production, beginning music theory and sight singing.

8271 CONCERT CHOIR 2 (Full Year)

Second level music theory and sight singing. Additional expectations of more immediate and complete knowledge of the music that is being learned will be present.

8371 CONCERT CHOIR 3 (Full Year)

Third level of music theory. Students will be expected to take leadership positions in running sectional rehearsals. Some solo and duet work will also be required.

8471 CONCERT CHOIR 4 (Full Year)

Students are expected in the fourth year of choir to know all of their music within a short period of time. Students will be expected to run efficient sectional rehearsals. All choir four students will perform a solo or duet in the spring choir concert.

News List

  • Choir groups get golden success

    Posted May 7

    The chamber choir and women’s ensemble continue to impress and have received high marks for recent performances, most notably gold ratings in New York City.

  • Choir students recognized

    Posted March 15

    Several choir students have been recognized recently for their voices.

  • Choir takes gold in Southern California

    Posted March 8

    Congratulations to the Saint Francis women’s ensemble and choir as both groups won first place in their respective categories at the recent CMEA Festival in Southern California.

Upcoming Calendar


Band/Choir Fall Concert

Performing Arts Center 7:00pm

West Valley Choir Festival


Winter Choir Concert

Performing Arts Center 7:00pm

Choir Concert @ St. Patrick's Church


Choir Concert

Performing Arts Center 7:00pm

Farewell Choir Concert

Performing Arts Center 7:00pm

CMEA Choir festival