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What is the Resource & Learning Support Program?

The Resource and Learning Support Academic program is  for students with diagnosed learning differences/challenges and students who would benefit from additional support in their general education classes.

There are two areas of support:

Resource Lab Class: The resource lab class is an academic support program designed to enhance learning and academic ability. Dedicated and knowledgeable staff are passionate about supporting the success of students and are available on a daily basis.  Respect, empathy and encouragement are cornerstones of the resource label community, which fosters and promotes a safe learning environment.  

Learning Support/Consultation and Accommodation Plans: Students with a diagnosed learning difference will work closely with our Learning Specialist to develop skills in self advocacy during their time at Saint Francis. The accommodation plan will be a part of the student’s educational experience within the classroom.

Goals for the Resource & Learning Support Program:

  • Helping students to learn/develop Executive Functioning Skills and apply those in their general education classes.

    • Organization

    • Prioritization/Time Management

    • Effective communication

  • Getting students to think about how they learn.

    • Learning style.

    • What do they need to be successful, academically?

    • Utilizing academic accommodations.

  • Teaching students to be an advocate for their learning needs (self-advocacy).

  • Helping students to become more independent learners.



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