Athletic Information

On behalf of all of our coaches and student-athletes here at Saint Francis, we welcome you to the class of 2025! We are excited to have you as a part of the family and hope you will consider playing a sport during your time here. We view sports as an extension of the classroom and feel strongly about the life lessons of effort, teamwork, and sportsmanship being our definitions of success. Below is some important information about our sports programs. 


Saint Francis tries to keep as many students involved in our athletic programs as possible. Last year, approximately 1200 students participated in our athletic programs.

Some of our teams are what we call "non cut" sports. These programs (cross country, track, swimming, and wrestling) do not have a tryout period. As long as you show up every day and fulfill the team requirements, you will be part of the program. The rest of our programs have a 3 day tryout period after which the coaching staff will create the team roster. Freshman ONLY are allowed to tryout for 2 "cut" sports in the same season. If you tryout for one and do not make it, you will have two days to tryout for another "cut" sport. A student who is not selected for a "cut" sport can always walk onto a "non cut" sport and be a part of that athletic program.

The school also greatly encourages participation in our athletic programs by being a part of a team as a manager, statistician, film crew, or student trainer. There are many great ways to be involved!

Tryout Dates for Fall Sports

Freshman sign ups for fall sports will take place in August during freshman registration and orientation. At that time students will receive information about the date, time and location for the first day of tryouts and practices. There are NO summer practices or workouts for freshman on the Saint Francis campus (see WCAL league policies below).

Get Involved! Register for our Summer Camps

Many of our incoming freshman students will participate in our athletic programs by coming to our summer camps as a way to meet future classmates and coaches. Here is a full list of our summer athletic camps.

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    Important Dates

    Qualifying Placement Exams  

    Saturday, April 17

    Deadline to submit database forms and health forms

    Friday, May 21

    Deadline to submit physical exam form

    Monday, July 5

    Freshman Welcome Days

    Monday, August 16 & Tuesday, August 17

    First day of classes

    Wednesday, August 18