Liturgy/Special Occasion Wardrobe

In keeping with appropriate dress and respect for certain occasions and events, Saint Francis will require students to dress more formally on specific designated days. These days will be announced in advance and students will be expected to adjust to these guidelines for the school day. 


White dress shirt with school logo, and either khaki or chocolate brown school sweater with logo (purchased exclusively from Land’s End) with khaki or dark slacks, and a tie or bow tie of their choosing. No slippers or flip-flops allowed.


White blouse with school logo, and either a khaki or chocolate brown v-neck or white cardigan sweater with school logo (purchased exclusively from Land’s End) with khaki or dark slacks, or a full-length skirt of their choosing, no tie. (Khaki or black dress skirt from Lands' End also available.) No slippers or flip-flops allowed.

Please visit the Land's End website to find the Saint Francis dress code and create your account with Land's end. Our school number is: 900142324.

Important Dates

Qualifying Placement Exams  

Saturday, April 17

Deadline to submit database forms and health forms

Friday, May 21

Deadline to submit physical exam form

Monday, July 5

Freshman Welcome Days

Monday, August 16 & Tuesday, August 17

First day of classes

Wednesday, August 18