Facility Preparations for Return to School

Last Updated | Nov. 23, 2020

Our priority is the health and safety of our students and educators, and we've been busy preparing our school for the safe return of our community. Take a look below at all the ways in which we've made modifications to our classrooms, offices and common areas. 


Masks Required

When coming to campus, masks are required, and all educators.

COVID Symptom Surveys Implemented

All educators and students must answer the COVID Symptom Survey prior to coming on to campus each day. To answer, educators use the PayCom HR software, and students use WorkWatch.

12-15 Desks per Class

Based on classroom size. Desks will be socially distanced 6 ft. apart from other desks and teacher.

Automated HVAC Systems Set to Use 100% Outside Air

No recirculated air.

Door Stops Provided for Doors

Allow doors to be propped open for fresh air.

Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Installed in each classroom, office, and common space area, including all restrooms. Hand washing instructions and restroom etiquette signs posted in all restrooms.

Plexiglass Shields

Installed at teacher desks facing student desks, as well as all public facing admin offices.

New Signage

"Social Distance" and "Face Coverings Required" signage at all building entrances. "Wait Here" spots on floor in areas where lines may develop (Deans Office, restrooms, etc.)

Traffic Flow Arrows

Located on all hallway floors.

Dedicated Stairwell Access

To spread out students during passing periods, stairwells are dedicated to accessing certain classrooms.

Custodial Touch Up Through the Day

Custodial checking and "touching up" all restrooms and high touch areas at building entrances 2-3 times per day while classes are in session

Deep Cleaned & Disinfected All Classrooms

All rooms, offices, common areas, locker rooms / team rooms, athletic facilities, shower and restroom areas have been treated with SD 90, a long term, electrostatically applied, disinfectant.

Cleaning & Fogging All Classrooms

Cleaning and fogging all classrooms with disinfectant spray every night, Mon - Fri.

Vans & Buses Cleaned

All have been disinfected with SD 90 and are cleaned after each use.

Hand Sanitizer Provided to All Educators

Provided to all educators for cars, purses and desks.

All Classrooms Stocked with Disinfectant Supplies

Provided with disinfectant spray and microfiber towels, as well as packets of disinfecting wipes  and sets of gloves. Microfiber towels changed out and washed every evening.

PPE Available Upon Request

Masks, gloves, face shields, hand sanitizer available in Facilities Office on request.

Student Desks Sanitized Throughout Day

Student desks wiped down by students at the end of each class period with disinfecting spray or wipe; teacher area wiped down by teacher at the end of each class.

Restrooms Have Been Set-up for Reduced Capacity

Every other fixture is "Out of Use" to maintain social distancing.

Excess Furniture Removed

Excess furniture removed from gathering areas to maintain social distancing guidelines.