Hybrid Model

The week of January 11th our educators will return to campus and students will start classes on Wednesday, January 13th in our virtual setting, with our planned start of the in-person hybrid model for students set for Wednesday, February 17th. Please make note of our January schedule, as the holiday week and PSAT for juniors slightly shifts our schedule for the month. 

Virtual Days in Hybrid Model

On occasion we will have the need for fully virtual academic days, including during our first week back in January. To keep a consistent schedule for our students, starting in January any virtual days will follow the same schedule and timing as our in-person days, replacing our previous virtual schedule. 

Cohort Assignments

We appreciate your patience as we have worked to finalize our cohort assignments for the spring semester. Those assignments are listed below. If you made a request to the Academics Office for a cohort change, you will hear directly from Ms. Knochenhauer regarding your request.

Cohort A - Last Names A - Lewetzon

Cohort B - Last Names Li - Z

We recognize that during such a fluid time, family plans may have changed since November 20th. If you would like to select a fully virtual option for your student, you still have the option to do so by completing this formThe form will close on December 17th so we ask that you complete it prior to that date.