Lancers Lead


Being a member of the global Holy Cross family and local Saint Francis community means respecting the dignity of every person, acting with integrity and bringing hope to others. 

Our graduation outcomes -  the goals for every Lancer upon graduation - include embracing the call to lead, demonstrating personal and social responsibility, thinking critically and creatively to solve problems and make decisions, both independently and as members of a team, and becoming self-directed, resilient individuals who are able to set goals to maintain physical and emotional well-being.

Call to Action: LANCERS LEAD!

As we return to campus, you are called to lead. Returning in hybrid, how can we as Lancers take the lead in providing the safest environment possible for all students and staff and for our family members who we return home to?  What can I do?  How are my daily actions on and off campus a response to the call to love and serve? 

I know my actions are important as a member of this Saint Francis community to do my part in order to slow the spread of COVID-19, support my educators and classmates, and ensure we can continue to safely come to campus to learn together.


I will lead on and off campus by:

  • Filling out my daily screening questionnaire when I come to campus 
  • Staying home when I am sick and not feeling well
  • Making sure I am washing my hands
  • Wearing a mask
  • Keeping physical distance of 6 feet from those around me 
  • Making sure when in groups, I am keeping 6 feet of distance and we are all wearing masks 
  • Using spaces like the bathroom and exiting them to keep the occupancy low
  • Throwing away my trash so others don’t have to touch it
  • Staying home if I’ve traveled and following the county guidelines
  • Showing empathy towards others and being respectful of other people’s medical situations by not talking about and sharing information 
  • Avoiding putting myself in social situations that might not comply with safety guidelines

What are some additional ways you will lead?


We are all in this together and we all own the success of returning to school in the safest manner possible.