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Lancer Robotics concludes season with best finish yet
Lancer Robotics concludes season with best finish yet

Lancer Robotics, Team 2367, returned from competition against international teams elated and pumped for next year. After more than 100 qualification matches, Team 2367 made it to the quarterfinals of the FIRST Robotics world championships, finishing 17th out of 67 in their division.

“It was exhilarating, it was exciting, and I’m proud of all of us — how we came together and figured out solutions to our technical adversities,” said junior Tarun Amarnath, one of the team’s co-captains.

Teams form alliances and face off to see which robots can best complete a series of tasks. To get to the world championship competition, the Lancer team first participated in the Silicon Valley Regional held at San Jose State with their robot that was built to be small, light and fast.

Lancer Robotics was selected by the teams from Bellarmine and Atascadero High School to join a three-team alliance for the playoff rounds. Winning all their playoff matches, this alliance was named the winner for the Silicon Valley Regional, and the Lancers qualified for the world competition held in Houston.

Twenty-five Lancers made the trip to Houston and were accompanied by club moderators Ms. Abot and Mr. Selden, the club’s mentor Elis Pogace, and a parent chaperone. This is the first time a Lancer team qualified for the world championships.

The Lancers competed in all 10 qualification rounds, finishing 17th. They were then picked to join a four-team alliance for the playoffs. Although they lost in the quarterfinals, everything they’ve learned from the competitions in San Jose and Houston made this experience incredibly worthwhile. The team will use the summer to train new members and improve their skills.

“Robotics is a great hands-on way to learn the design process and understand how solutions evolve and take shape,” Tarun said.

View one of Lancer Robotics (Team 2367) matches below.

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