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Student art in Mountain View
Student art in Mountain View

Congratulations to the five art students whose works were selected to be displayed at the Mountain View Teen Center during the city’s Teen Week.

Emily Dorsey '19

I drew this picture because my passion is horseback riding. I drew a picture that depicts how I am powerless over the feeling I have when I am around these great animals. I have been involved with horses since a young age, and they always provide me with a feeling of relaxation and happiness. I can’t imagine my life without horses because they allow me to retreat from the fast paced, stressful world we live in today.

My favorite part of this work is definitely my use of color and blending with the help of oil pastels. Through this project and working in my art class, my skills have improved very much, and I have found another passion, which is art.

Samuel Gairaud '19

Gravity is the greatest force that has power over us. It affects everything around us, yet we rarely recognize that it exists. My art tries to depict the impossibility of this force while attempting to appreciate it’s true nature.

Kira Gross '20

We were tasked with finding two words to describe ourselves. I chose the words “fierce” and “insightful.” One thing I like about this piece is the way I portrayed the eyes pool and overflow with emotion, along with the striking “stormy” mood of the eyes.

Caroline Quigley '20

People call others names and harsh words all the time. Many teens are affected by gossip and bullying, especially in high school. It’s not something that is easy to prevent, so my way of showing that words really can hurt someone is through my oil pastel drawing.

Anna Salieva '18

This art piece shows the chaos of someone's inner world, their dreams and anxieties.