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Buon Appetito serves home-cooked meals

Several local needy families each received a home-cooked meal last month, thanks to the efforts of Buon Appetito, a new student club that teaches Lancers how to make authentic Italian meals while providing opportunities for community service.

The club is led by junior Miriam Gemelli and moderated by Mr. McGarry. In reflecting how fortunate they are to have access to fresh food and nutritious meals, club members decided to help local families that are struggling during this period of lockdown. In December, students cooked 80 portions of pasta pasticciata al forno, enough for 18 families, and packed them in easy-to-reheat aluminum trays. The families also received panettone, a traditional Italian holiday cake. 

For this community project Miriam coordinated with the Lantern, a nonprofit group in San Francisco that serves immigrant families, and for meal deliveries, she worked with the Columbia Association and the Associazione Nazionale Carabinieri, two nonprofit organizations that celebrate Italian heritage. Miriam and her father also delivered meals to 10 families themselves, and those encounters made an impact on her.

“Seeing the smiles on the families’ faces upon handing them our gifts was a heartwarming experience,” she said.

The success of this first service project has encouraged Miriam to continue in this effort and serve up more home-cooked Italian meals to families in need.