Coming soon to Saint Francis rooftops — solar panels!

Coming soon to Saint Francis rooftops — solar panels!

Starting in July, several buildings on campus will generate electricity from solar energy. Crews will install solar panels to the rooftops of the Performing Arts Center, the Kevin Makley Event Center, the Sobrato Family Learning Commons, and the 400, 500 and 600 Buildings. 

The total area slated to be covered by solar panels is more than 31,000 square feet. The solar panel project continues the sustainability efforts of Saint Francis as construction of the Innovation Center proceeds this summer. Stewardship of our natural resources was one of the factors that influenced the construction process. Environmental features of the new building include:

  • A new concrete product used for the foundation that traps carbon in the concrete mix to reduce the carbon footprint;

  • “Dual” plumbing so that the Innovation Center and Welcome Center/Dining Commons can use recycled water for restrooms when recycled water becomes available from the City of Mountain View on Miramonte Avenue;

  • LED lighting and motion sensors;

  • HVAC and kitchen appliances that are all electric;

  • All glass elements for windows and doors meet Title 24 requirements in the California Building Code for thermal insulation, helping to save energy on heating and cooling the building;

  • Glass that contains a “frit” pattern to deter birds from flying into windows and harming themselves.

In addition, 70 percent of all the materials from the demolition of the original 300 Building were recycled.