Emblematic Holy Cross educators

Emblematic Holy Cross educators

We congratulate a special group of educators who have retired at the end of 2021-22 school year and who collectively have given 120 years of service to Saint Francis. As a result of their dedication and leadership, the impact they leave behind is felt in all aspects of the Lancer community. 

“It doesn’t matter what position you hold at Saint Francis — you are a Holy Cross educator,” said Br. Donald Blauvelt, C.S.C., a member of the Board of Directors. “We thank them for their contributions to Saint Francis and to the lives of the young men and women whom they have served.”

Jim McGarry taught for two years at Saint Francis, but his teaching career spanned more than four decades at several Catholic high schools.  A Religious Studies teacher with a particular focus on Holocast education, he embodied the philosophy to teach hearts, minds and hands to serve the community. 

Ann Lane (23 years) served as the school’s librarian and always had students’ needs in mind. She constantly advocated for more robust resources and digital materials for students to access at Saint Francis. Her philosophy was that students shouldn’t have to travel to other libraries to borrow resources; their school library should be able to offer what they need.

Lana Hagg (23 years) was affectionately called the “voice” of Saint Francis because she led the school in morning prayers and read the announcements on the PA system. Throughout her years, she made anyone who stepped into the Activities Office feel unconditionally loved; she was always available, welcoming and had an answer for their question. 

Jim Copple (29 years), who served as the building supervisor, aimed to provide the best facilities and campus environment for students, educators, parents and visitors. He took pride in his work and never sought praise for it. His legacy at Saint Francis includes the leadership he provided to his maintenance and custodial staff, including his son Rob who now takes over the facilities department.

Mike Speckman (43 years) holds the distinction of having taught, mentored, shepherded and befriended thousands of students, alumni, parents and colleagues through the many roles — teacher, coach and administrator — he held during his tenure. Because of his quick wit, sense of humor and excellent listening skills, many in the community sought out his wisdom. He was attracted to the Holy Cross Brothers’ vision of family and community and invested his time and talents in the larger Lancer community of students and their families, educators, Board of Directors — anyone who had a role at Saint Francis.