Message of healing and care speaks through art

Message of healing and care speaks through art

Sophomore Ceci Montgomery-Eder was recently recognized for her artwork by the campaign called To Be Honest, which uses creative platforms to encourage local teens to think about how they take care of themselves.

Ceci won third place in the 2D category with her illustration of brightly colored flowers blooming from a girl’s head, symbolizing healing. “All of us have hurts and wounds that we carry with us. We have to be patient, gentle and kind to ourselves in order to heal from injuries which can be emotional or physical,” she said.

During a challenging first year of high school last year, with the pandemic as the backdrop, Ceci took care of herself by maintaining daily routines. She played soccer and basketball and joined as many Saint Francis clubs as possible, even though many meetings were virtual. This year, grateful for the ability to interact in person with peers and teachers, Ceci again plans on getting involved in many activities as a way to take care of herself physically, mentally and emotionally. 

“I enjoyed contributing articles for the Lancer newspaper and to discussions with the Campus Ministry team so I hope to get more involved with those clubs, along with Paintbox,” she said. “The energy and positive vibe of being on campus is very motivating.”