New program helps students cope with stress

New program helps students cope with stress

To support students dealing with stress and anxiety, the Guidance and Counseling Center is offering a new program called BLISS, or Be Less in Stress.

For five weeks, students meet as a cohort in a peer-led group, overseen by a counselor who facilitates. “The purpose is for students to lead the conversation and offer encouragement, feedback and support,” said Mrs. Batres, a freshman counselor and one of the BLISS facilitators. “Sometimes, talking about their stress is all they need.”

Through this experience, Mrs. Batres hopes to build community by providing a space for students to talk about what is weighing on their minds and offering them tools to help them cope. With the first group of students who participated, Mrs. Batres was pleased to see consistent attendance among the students, who also spread the world to others about the benefits of BLISS.

“To feel heard and to know that other students are experiencing what they’re feeling is very empowering,” Mrs. Batres said. “Sometimes students don’t have an outlet. They may not have a safe space at home or don’t want to bring it up with friends. Having that space to talk about mental health freely is very liberating for students.”

The next five-week session of BLISS kicks off on March 28. Freshman and sophomores meet from 8:45-9:15 am, and juniors and seniors meet from 12:30-1 pm. Students interested in participating should contact their counselors.