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Science Olympiad team shows wide range of knowledge

The Lancer Science Olympiad team had a tremendous showing recently at the Science Olympiad Aggie Invitational, which was a virtual event hosted by UC Davis. Science Olympiad competitions are like academic track meets with team events focusing on all science disciplines.

Competing in a field of 70 teams from across the country, Lancers medaled in eight events. Students who were recognized were: 

Sounds of Music, 1st place - Kelly Lu ’21 and Elise Yang ’21 [Competitors construct a tuned instrument that can play a given melody and a test element that covers principles of sound]

Designer Genes, 2nd place - Kushal Chatterjee ’22 and Connie Xu ’21 [Tests knowledge of genetics and biotechnology]

Solar Power, 4th place - Daniel Mendoza ’21 and Ashley Zhuang ’21 [Tests knowledge of alternative energy and energy conservation]

Protein Modeling, 4th place - Kanav Mittal ’21, Julian Ramprashad ’21 and Stuti Pandey ’23 [Challenges competitors to physically construct models of proteins]

Write It CAD It, 4th place - Arjun Gandhi ’21 and Julian Ramprashad ’21 [A "writer" looks at a complex model and writes out instructions to replicate it. Then, a "CAD-er" reproduces the model using CAD software.]

Geologic Mapping, 5th place - Ashley Zhuang ’21 and Daniela Tran ’21 [Tests ability to interpret and analyze geologic maps]

Detector Building, 5th place - Swathi Badrinarayanan ’23 and Janani Sriram ’21 [Tests knowledge of electronic and circuitry components]

AgriBio, 5th place - Kanav Mittal ’21 and Kelly Lu ’21 [Tests knowledge of agricultural biology]