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Spotlight on the Library

Our superstar librarians, Ms. Lane, Ms. Quach and Ms. Yang, are ever ready to assist students and educators during remote instruction. While the physical Cassin Library is closed right now, its resources offered are just a click away.

Already, our librarians have expanded the library’s already extensive electronic resources by working with companies, such as The New York Times, to offer temporarily free access to content to students and teachers. Additionally, students have access to an augmented library collection of e-books, audiobooks and graphic novels for recreational and curriculum reading through the app Sora. 

Behind the scenes, the staff continues to focus on building a collection of materials and resources for students and educators, engaging in an on-going anti-bias, anti-racist, anti-oppression approach.

The library is also focused on connecting with students and partnering with classes, clubs and affinity groups to celebrate special events, such as Poetry Month, Deaf Awareness Month and Hispanic Heritage Month.

“For everyone’s health and safety, the way we use the library will change, but we will continue to be a rich 24/7 online resource for the students and educators. We’re proud of how we’ve been able to adapt so far and look forward to continuing to adapt to better meet the needs of the Lancer community,” says Ms. Yang.

Follow the library at @sfhs_library on Instagram and Twitter. You can also connect with the library staff via email (library@sfhs.com) or Zoom.