Working “9 to 5”

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Working “9 to 5”

The cast and crew of this year’s student-run musical “9 to 5” are ready to take the stage, and student director senior Sarah Vorrath is extremely proud of the work they have put into staging an engaging production. 

“As a student director, it was hard to find a balance of objectively leading a cast filled with my friends,” she said. “However, because of these personal connections, watching them grow in their acting, singing, and dancing has been extremely gratifying. I am proud of my cast, and I am thankful for the opportunity to work with them to produce such a fun show.”

With fun music and dynamic characters, the story follows three women who thrive at their workplace despite their misogynistic boss. Sarah hopes the themes of friendship and the strength of women will resonate with audiences.

“As I stepped into the daunting role of ‘student director,’ I related to the imposter syndrome that Violet, Doralee and Judy faced in their workplace,” said Sarah. “I was inspired by their wit, strength as well as femininity, and they served as my own role  models throughout the production process of this musical.”

“9 to 5” runs January 27-29. Purchase tickets here.