Act Against Injustice Now 

The senseless murders of Black Americans call us, as a Holy Cross community, to action. Our Catholic values call us to respond to the unjust murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd as well as countless others. We know that our community is traumatized, angry, and compelled to action. As members of the Holy Cross community, we are called to be social justice advocates. We are called to act. We cannot sit by and watch injustice without action. With this end in mind, the Social Justice, Equity, and Inclusion (SJEI) team has curated these resources.

We look forward to conversing and collaborating. We must engage in honest conversations about oppression and act to amplify the voices that have been marginalized.

Actions to Take Now

These are helpful things you can do now:

Questions to Ask Yourself

Take some time to reflect on these questions:

  • What are my initial reactions to media stories about systemic racism and oppression?
  • What language do I use when describing current events like the murder of Black civilians by police?
  • What books are in my house? What art is in my house? What messages do these send?
  • How am I actively supporting members of my community who are Black?
  • How can I amplify black voices?  How can I read, listen to, promote and support Black individuals?
  • What are my local politicians’ and police department’s policies to end police brutality?
  • How am I acting in ways that are anti-racist rather than simply “not racist”?
  • How am I resisting complicity and actively fighting against white supremacy?
  • How will I use anti-racist knowledge to change the conversations I have with others?
  • What do I need to learn more about?

Organizations to Learn From

We can all continue to learn from each other and others. Here are good places to start:

Videos to Watch

Podcasts to Listen to

Articles to Read

What’s happening now

On oppression