In Spring 2019, Saint Francis formally established the Social Justice, Equity, and Inclusion (SJEI) team to lead and coordinate the school's efforts towards ensuring cultural proficiency, inclusionary practices, and community leadership in fulfillment of the school’s commitment to social justice as a Catholic and a Holy Cross school.

Research, best practice, and experience has shown that a team approach and community involvement are crucial to successful implementation of long-term, equity-based structural change. As such, the SJEI team consists of four educators:

  • Director for School Culture & Belonging - A member of the school administration, the Director for School Culture & Belonging oversees and coordinates the school’s SJEI efforts serving on the Board of Directors' School Committee, Administrative Leadership Team, School Operations Team, and Curriculum Committee to advocate for SJEI initiatives, serve as a liaison to the administration, and support leadership and employee development.
  • SJEI Team Leads - Faculty members with one common release period, the three SJEI Team Leads work collaboratively with the Director for School Culture & Belonging to develop and implement an action plan to accomplish the short-term core area goals, as well as lay the groundwork for long-term SJEI initiatives.


Héctor Camacho

Director for School Culture & Belonging
Guidance & College Counselor

Molly Boesiger

SJEI Team Lead, Anti-Bias Curriculum
Social Studies, SFThrive Advisory Coordinator

Emily Thomas

SJEI Team Lead, Cultural Proficiency
Science, Sustainability Coordinator

Heather Washington

SJEI Team Lead, Student Experience
Social Studies, Moreau Board


Core Focus Areas

In the first year of implementation, the school identified eight core focus areas for SJEI work: student engagement, anti-bias curriculum, student support services, cultural proficiency, community partnership, recruitment and retention, data and analytics, and school leadership.

Informed by the core focus areas, the SJEI team annually develops key objectives to be achieved during the school year. The guiding aspiration of this work is to create an anti-oppressive school climate and structure. This work is intended to be undertaken in partnership with educators, administrators, and the wider school community. 

We welcome all members of the Saint Francis community to join us on this journey. We can be reached at sjeiteam@sfhs.com.