Technology Use Policy

Saint Francis High School has two Acceptable Use Policies related to technology, the Technology Acceptable Use Policy and the iPad Usage Agreement. Both policies are in addition to all policies in the Student-Parent Handbook.

The Technology Acceptable Use Policy contains general policies for the use of technology along with policies related to the usage of non-SFHS provided devices, such as personal laptops.  The iPad Usage Agreement specifically refers to devices provided by SFHS for the educational use by students. The iPad Usage Agreement must be signed and returned prior to a student being issued an iPad. A PDF copy of this agreement is linked on this webpage for you to download, print, sign and return.

Technology Acceptable Use Policy

The Saint Francis High School Acceptable Use Policy  applies to all technology resources including, but not limited to: personal computers and devices, school computers, cell phones, video and audio equipment, copy machines and information storage devices. Saint Francis High School students are expected to use school resources in a considerate, ethical, moral and legal manner.

All Saint Francis High School technology systems and information stored on them are governed by school policies and are subject to school supervision and inspection whether they reside on school owned computers or computers or external drives brought on campus by students. Saint Francis High School reserves the right to monitor, access, retrieve, read and disclose all messages, information, and files created, sent, posted from, stored on laptops brought onto campus, or stored on its systems to law enforcement officials or others without prior notice. Any student who violates this policy or any applicable local, state or federal laws, is subject to disciplinary action, a loss of technology privileges, and may face legal prosecution.

Electronic Devices 

The privacy of all students is protected during the school day. All electronic devices shall be kept out of sight and turned off at

on, the device will remain in the Dean’s Office until the next school day, and will only be released to a parent.

Acceptable Use on SFNet and General Computer Use


Saint Francis High School provides computer network access (SFNet) to students who use the access in accordance with the mission and philosophy of Saint Francis High School. Students agree to the following terms as a condition of having network access:

  1. Appropriate Use: Student use of the Saint Francis computer network (SFNet) must be consistent with the philosophy of Saint Francis High School and its educational goals. Misuse includes any Internet conduct on or off-campus that negatively affects the reputation of Saint Francis High School including messages sent, posted or received that suggest harassment, racism, sexism and inappropriate language or symbols.
  2. Vandalism/Hacking: Students will not use their Saint Francis access or other Internet access to interfere with or disrupt network users, services, Saint Francis High School data or data of another student, or equipment, either locally or off campus.
  3. Unauthorized Entry: Students will not access or try to make unauthorized entry to any machine accessible via the network or on remote networks. If a student notices a security problem, the student must notify school personnel immediately.
  4. Inappropriate Messages: Students will not use their Saint Francis access to transmit threatening, obscene or harassing materials, including chain-letters, solicitations, inappropriate photos, or broadcast messages via our network or email system.
  5. Inappropriate Material: The Internet contains certain material that is illegal, defamatory, inaccurate or potentially offensive to some people. Students will not use their Saint Francis access to knowingly visit sites that contain this material nor import, transmit and/or transfer any of this material to other computers.
  6. School Personnel: Students should not email, post to websites or blogs, images, photos or video of employees of Saint Francis High School. This includes the creation of fan pages or groups on social networking sites.
  7. Private Use: Students will not provide their Saint Francis access or password or share another student’s password with any other student or non-student. Students may not use another individual’s account or log onto the Internet as anyone else.
  8. Personal Privacy: Students will not communicate their address, phone number or other personal information to any person or company on the Internet or through email.
  9. Unauthorized Programs or Computers: Students may not use, copy, delete, or install any program on a school computer or save any executable program without the permission of school personnel. Students may not use personal laptop computers without prior permission from the Technology Director.
  10. Copyright: Students are not to post to websites or blogs any photos or logos that are the property (intellectual property) of Saint Francis High School.

Any unauthorized technology used for the purpose of bypassing security systems, including internet filtering is not permitted. This included the use of ssh, proxy-bypass software, remote desktop sessions, anonymizing websites/software and other technologies.

Any costs, charges, liabilities or damage by misuse of the computers are the individual student’s responsibility. Any consequences of service interruption or privacy violation, will lead to disciplinary action. Such action can include suspension and/or expulsion from Saint Francis High School.

Permitted Use of Personal Electronic Devices

The use of personal laptop computers, tablets and mobile devices on campus is a privilege that is subject to the policies in the Student-Parent Handbook and the following rules. All policies set in place in this Acceptable Use Policy continue to apply when a student brings a personal device for use on campus.
  1. Students are responsible for securing their devices (laptop, tablet, etc.) on campus. Saint Francis High School assumes no responsibility or financial liability for any damage the student or parent suffers, including but not limited to theft, physical damage, loss of data or software malfunctions of the personal laptop computer. If a device computer appears to have been stolen, the student will immediately report the incident to the Dean's Office.
  2. Please refer to the following Laptop Policy webpage for further
    information about appropriate use of laptops on campus.Laptop Policy
  3. Students may ONLY connect wirelessly to the school’s network using SFNet ONLY. They must use their own username and password to connect. Devices that do not support this network connectivity are not permitted. All usage must be in accordance with the policies in the Student - Parent Handbook and be consistent with the Mission and Philosophy of Saint Francis High School. Students are strictly prohibited from using peer-to-peer software, file sharing programs, telnet/ssh, or messenger programs as well as other resource/network intensive applications. The use of network monitoring software or applications considered intrusive by the school is considered to be a serious offense, and will result in disciplinary action, up to and including immediate expulsion. Network access is a privilege that may be revoked for any reason at the discretion of the administration or the Technology Director.
  4. The student is responsible for coming to school with a fully charged device and may not connect to any classroom outlets for charging their device.
  5. Student use of a personal laptop on campus must meet the requirements of the Acceptable Use Policy. Laptops are not to be used for games, chat, DVD viewing or other forms of entertainment.
  6. Students must surrender their laptops to any teacher or administrator upon request and must allow these authorized personnel to examine the system to determine whether established policies have been violated.
  7. Any student who is suspected of violating the Laptop Agreement will be referred to the Dean's Office.

iPad Acceptable Use Policy -Revised March 4th, 2014

This iPad Acceptable Use Policy is intended to promote responsible use and protect students and the school from liability resulting from any misuse of the school-issued iPad. Technology, on or off-campus, must be used in accordance with the mission and philosophy of Saint Francis High School as well as the Acceptable Use Policy for Technology as stated in the Saint Francis High School Student-Parent Handbook. Teachers may set additional requirements for use in their respective class.


The iPad remains the property of Saint Francis High School at all times. Therefore, there is no assumption of privacy. Saint Francis High School reserves the right to inspect student iPads at any time during the school year. Misuse of the iPad may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. 

Above all, the iPad program at Saint Francis High School is an academic program, and the policies governing the use of the iPad support its academic use. To maintain the integrity of the iPad program, all students and parents/guardians must acknowledge and agree to the following conditions of use:


I. iPad Distribution and Care
  1. The iPads issued to students are the property of Saint Francis High School and are made available to as learning tools. 
  2. Students will be issued their iPads at the beginning of the school year. The iPads are to be returned at the end of each academic year for updates and routine maintenance or earlier if a student no longer attends Saint Francis High School.
  3. Students are responsible for knowing how to properly operate and protect the iPad. This includes not leaving the iPad in a location where it can be damaged by cold, heat, or moisture and cleaning the screen with a soft, dry, or anti-static cloth. 
  4. Students/parents are solely responsible for the care and security of student iPads. iPads must never be left in an unlocked locker, unlocked car or any unsupervised area.
  5. If the iPad is damaged or malfunctions, students must take the iPad to the Technology Department as soon as possible (no later than the next school day) for evaluation. If a student damages the iPad (outside of reasonable wear and tear), the students/parents are responsible for the expense of repairing or replacing the device. The replacement cost of an iPad is $633. 
  6. If the iPad is lost or stolen, the student must report the incident to the Dean’s Office as soon as possible (no later than the next school day). In the case of theft, the student must also file a police report. the students/parents are responsible for replacing the lost or stolen iPad at his/her own cost. The replacement cost of an iPad is $633. 
  7. Students/parents are not permitted to repair, alter, modify or replace iPads without express authorization from Saint Francis High School. Under no circumstance will Saint Francis High School replace or repair a student iPad without the required payment from the student/parent.
  8. iPads and iPad cases must remain free of any writing, drawing, stickers or labels that are not the property of Saint Francis High School.
II. General Expectations
  1. Students are responsible for understanding and adhering to all Acceptable Use Policy for Technology regulations from the Student-Parent Handbook relating to the use of technology in addition to this iPad Agreement. 
  2. Students may not remove or circumvent the management system installed on each iPad. This includes removing restrictions or “jailbreaking” the device. 
  3. Students may only connect to the Internet via the wireless network provided by Saint Francis High School while on campus. 
  4. Students are permitted to take the iPad home. However, Students are expected to have their fully charged iPads at school each day. Note: iPads may not be dropped off at school for students who have forgotten them at home. 
  5. Sound must be muted at all times unless permission is obtained from the teacher for instructional purposes. 
  6. iPads must always be within the protective cases when carried. 
  7. iPads used by students must bear the student’s user name. No other name is acceptable. Students may not remove or alter the “asset tag” located on the iPad. The “Find my iPad” function must be on at all times. 
III. Apps, Files, Etc. 
  1. Students are expected to back up all educational work on the iPad. Saint Francis High School does not take responsibility for any lost data. 
  2. Students are discouraged from printing materials on campus. Printers are available in the library for limited student use as directed by a teacher or librarians. Readers, worksheets, and other academic materials are available digitally on the iPad for study and reference. 
  3. During the school day, earphones may only be used in the library. Permission may be given for use of earphones in a classroom by a teacher. 
  4. Educational Apps will be provided by the school. The software/apps originally installed by Saint Francis High School must remain on the iPad in usable condition and be easily accessible at all times. The school may add software applications throughout the year. 
  5. Students are not permitted to add any Apps or personal data (i.e. photos, movies, video, or other personal entertainment) to the iPads. 
  6. Music may be stored on the iPads, but it must contain appropriate ratings and adhere to the mission and philosophy of Saint Francis High School. 
  7. As stated in the Acceptable Use Policy for Technology, Students must refrain from using social media, gaming or blogging websites on the school-issued iPad. Students should not receive pop-up or email notifications from Facebook or other social networking/entertainment sites or apps on the school-issued iPad. 
  8. The iPad camera may only be used when assigned by a teacher for educational purposes. When assigned, students may not distribute, publish, post, email or share images and/or videos of students, Saint Francis High School personnel or the campus beyond the scope of the assignment. Photos or video taken with the iPad for academic assignments must conform to the mission and philosophy of Saint Francis High School. 
IV. Prohibited Use
  1. Leaving the iPad unattended on the campus. 
  2. Exchanging iPads with another student. 
  3. Allowing other students to retain or remove the iPad from their presence. 
  4. Copying certain Internet materials or reproducing or transmitting materials without the permission of the author or other right-holder. 
  5. Plagiarizing academic materials. It is the student’s responsibility to respect and adhere to all copyright, trademark and other intellectual rights and trade secrets laws. 
  6. Using the iPad for any action that violates existing school rules or public law. 
  7. Creating, accessing or distributing offensive, profane, bullying/threatening, pornographic, obscene, rumors/gossip, sexually explicit or other content not aligned with the school’s mission and philosophy. 
  8. Use of chat rooms or messaging services not authorized by the teacher for academic use. 
  9. Accessing sites selling term papers, book reports, and other forms of student work. 
  10. Spamming: sending mass or inappropriate emails. 
  11. Gaining access to other students’ accounts, files, and/or data. 
  12. Use of the school’s internet/E-mail accounts for financial or commercial gain or for any illegal activity. 
  13. Bypassing the Saint Francis High School web filter through a web proxy. 
  14. Sharing passwords, addresses, or other personal information on the Internet without the authorization of a parent or school representative. 
  15. Using or possessing hacking software. 
V. Precautions
  1. In consideration for receiving the iPad from Saint Francis High School, each student and his or her parent or legal guardian agrees not to sue and hereby releases, waives, discharges, holds harmless, indemnifies, and defends Saint Francis High School, as well as their respective employees, personnel, staff, volunteers, agents, directors, affiliates and representatives, from any and all liability, losses, damages, claims, actions and causes of action of every nature for any and all known or unknown, foreseen or unforeseen, bodily or personal injuries, property damage, or other loss, whether claimed by the student, parent, legal representative, or any third party, relating in any way to the use of the iPad furnished by Saint Francis High School to the student. 
  2. This iPad Acceptable Use Policy applies to Saint Francis High School students at all times, whether or not the students are on campus, as Saint Francis High School students are school representatives at all times. 
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