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With the start of the 2017-18 school year just around the corner, we wanted to share some important details about the 1:1 iPad program.  Please note that the iPad is the approved educational tool for student use in the classroom. Personal laptops are restricted for specific use as noted below.


Program Overview

This year is the sixth year of our 1:1 iPad program. We believe the 1:1 program is an invaluable component of each student’s education at Saint Francis, and we remain committed to maximizing its effectiveness. Incoming students will be issued a device that has been preconfigured for its immediate use. Returning students kept their iPad over the summer.


Some points of note for this school year are:

  • All incoming freshmen (who did not attend “Freshman Experience) & transfer students need to complete a Student iPad Acceptable Use Policy Agreement which should be signed and brought to school on Registration Day.

  • Returning students do not need to complete a new agreement this year as we already have one on file from them last year. A copy of the agreement can be found in this year’s Student Homework Planner.

  • All incoming freshmen (who did not attend “Freshman Experience) & transfer students will need to attend an iPad Orientation presentation on Registration day.

  • Returning students will need to review our expectations for the iPad program online prior to Registration day. An email will be sent in early August to all returning students with instructions. Students who fail to complete the online iPad Orientation session will not be able to pick up their schedule until they do so.

  • Each student will be provided with a new iPad case on registration day, similar to the cases used last year. The cases have helped keep our damage rate to less than 4%. We continue to offer optional iPad insurance on our website and encourage each family to actively consider buying it to cover iPad loss or damage.

  • The cost of repairing an iPad with a cracked glass has been further reduced to $99. Greater damage can cost between $159 and $250. The cost of a replacement iPad will be $250 for the 2017-2018 school year.

Registration Day: Monday August 21

  • All freshmen who did not get their iPad during Freshman Experience & transfer students will receive their iPads on Orientation/Registration day. Please remember to bring your signed Student iPad Acceptable Use Policy Agreement.

  • New this year, returning students will need to complete the online iPad Orientation prior to coming to campus for Registration Day.  Instructions will be sent via email to returning students in early August. Students will not be able to pick up their schedule until they complete this.

Before your Freshman/Transfer student receives an iPad

  1. Parents and students should review and sign the Student iPad Acceptable Use Policy Agreement.

  2. If the student does not already have an AppleID then they need to create one (https://appleid.apple.com) and validate that it is completely functional. Every student will need his/her own AppleID (rather than a shared “family” AppleID) for the school-issued iPad. The AppleID is needed to be able to backup iPad data. Either the same or a different AppleID can be used to purchase books from Apple’s iBooks App.

  3. Consider purchasing iPad insurance. As stated in the Student iPad Acceptable Use Policy Agreement, families are responsible for any damage or loss of the iPad. We encourage families to check their homeowner’s insurance policy to see if the device is covered or to consider purchasing a policy for the device from Worth Avenue Group. A damaged iPad costs a minimum of $99 to repair and a lost/stolen iPad costs $250 to replace.

  4. For freshman students and parents, we recommend you read the high school version of  lol…OMG, available on Amazon.com. It is a good book for teens that explains how to manage their online reputation and describes some of the pitfalls of social media use.


Apps, cases, chargers & cables

Every student that completed the iPad Orientation online will be issued with a new protective case. Only cases approved by Saint Francis are allowed. Every incoming student will be issued with a new charger & cable that they will keep all the time they are a student. Returning students will continue to use the charger & cable they were originally issued with. We do not supply replacements for lost, damaged or failed chargers or cables.  Apps are available to students at no charge through the preloaded “Self Service” portal on their iPads.




  • Ownership - The school owns the device. The iPads are being loaned to students for the school year. Families are responsible for any damage or loss of the device.

  • Monitoring Software - The iPads will be monitored by the school via a management software tool which will track both iPad usage and apps loaded on the devices. Any unauthorized use of the iPad will result in disciplinary action.

  • Internet Access - As always, students will have filtered Internet access at school. The filter prohibits students from visiting social networking and other inappropriate websites. We encourage parents to monitor/restrict their student’s Internet access at home.

  • Apps - Only school-approved apps can be downloaded on the iPad. Students will have access to school-approved apps free of charge through the “Self Service” portal that is preloaded on the iPads. If a student downloads any additional apps the student will be referred to the Dean’s office. Teachers will not ask students to purchase apps without prior approval of the school.

  • Backing-up data – Students are 100% responsible for backing up their notes and other iPad data. We strongly recommend the use of iCloud to backup data using Apple apps and Google Drive to back-up Notability notes & photos. Information on how to setup iPad back-ups is available in the “iPad Help” app on every school iPad.

  • Personal Laptops

    • The school provided iPad is the only iPad that is to be used at school.

    • Personal laptops cannot be used in the classroom with two exceptions: students who have been granted accommodations by Saint Francis and students who are enrolled in Programming & AP Programming classes while in those classes only.  

  • Textbooks and ebooks - Saint Francis High School is committed to providing students with the best learning resources available today, so we will use a blend of traditional printed textbooks and e-textbooks this year.

    • e-Books - We are using e-books offered from our textbook partner MBS as well as e-textbooks available from Apple’s iBooks App.  

    • For English classes, students will be permitted to use e-books as long as they are the same edition required by the class.  There are several e-readers available on student iPads, including Kindle, for students to access their e-books.

    • Textbook lists will be available online in July.  All registration forms and the deposit and July tuition payment must be received before your booklist will be released.


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